Why I Wrote Awaken

I wrote Awaken because I wanted to share the experience of becoming aware with a wider, more general audience.

Following my spiritual transformation in 1998, I was intrigued with the experience as well as why and how it occurred. In the following years I studied neurology and Buddhism to gain insights however neither provided a full explanation of the experience. I sensed there was a lot to learn and explore on the subject.

However answers weren’t coming quickly so like many other of my projects, I shelved it (i.e. I didn’t focus on the idea only letting further experiences and insights grow organically into larger bodies of ideas).

But that changed in early 2015 upon the confluence of two events which occurred over the course of a few weeks.

The first is when I picked up a book entitled “Steal Like an Artist”. The other was when I saw my first Oprah show.

I liked the book “Steal Like an Artist” due to its summary, drive by format. The writing was simple and flowing. A high impact presentation would fit nicely with my desire to socialize a complex subject like Enlightenment to a larger crowd.

About the same time I saw my first “Super Soul Sunday” episode. I was impressed with Oprah’s noble efforts to share the voice of spiritual leaders with a larger and more widespread audience.

But I could also sense something else right away. It appeared she yearned for enlightenment yet hadn’t attained it on a deeper, sustained basis. I was struck—here is one of the world’s richest people who can have anything she wants—yet she was still seeking something more. At that moment I realized I needed to write the book to her—to offer insights to the greatest gift possible as a way of saying thanks to all the great work she does—and hopefully provide the necessary intuitions necessary to attain deeper awareness.

The result is Awaken. A profoundly simple and insightful explanation of gaining enlightenment set against the backdrop of my very own transformative journey.

Awaken is refreshingly simple and direct—it is not written in mysterious or esoteric terms—and its description of the experience is straightforward and accessible.

In addition to its description of the awakening process, it’s topics also include the virtues of meditation, spending time in nature and with yourself, giving thanks, getting closer to the source, the universe’s ‘design of choice’, and the universe’s creative process to name a few. So even if you don’t obtain full enlightenment, the habits described in Awaken will still uplift and enrich one’s life.

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