The Center Ordering Principle

The Center Ordering Principle is the quest to understand the essence of all things. The pathway to—and unveiling of, the center of all things—where the purpose, origin, truth, and spirit reside.

The Center Ordering Principle (also simply referred to as Centerpath), is a set of theorems describing the universe’s very creative process. Quite literally outlining how nature wrestles order from chaos. 

The Centering Ordering Principle can be briefly described as;

The Centering Ordering Principle describes the universal urge to center. It features the formation of powerful centers which, through the fields emanating from their surface (Centerfields) turn around and project a “center-oriented” configuration on the space about them. The net effect is to shape and mold their surroundings into a larger center-oriented whole pattern.

The prime embodiment of such phenomena being the center-oriented geometric patterns (Centerpatterns) of circles, spheres, spirals, clusters, arterial branching systems, radials, amongst others. The other prime manifestation of the process being center-oriented events across time (Centerevents), characterized by the inexplicable rhythm of events to pull toward a single and culminating moment in time.

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The main elements that manifest from the process of The Center Ordering Principle include;