What is Centerpath?

Centerpath is the starting point of all of Jin’s ideas. As such the term is generally used to encompass all of Jin’s bodies of work.

Centerpath – The Unification of Man, Art, Nature, and Spirituality

It begins from the simple premise that nature spontaneously produces powerful centers which, through the fields emanating from their surface not only raise the order we see streaming throughout the universe, but also instils its creations with the fantastic qualities of symmetry, balance, holism, beauty, and collaboration.

Jin’s Centerpath formulization provides a full philosophical/theoretical framework of the fundamental nature of reality showing how nature and our lives work and are organized. 

Centerpath forms a complete metaphysical formulization of being and life. A complete roadmap to understanding our world and navigating life’s journey.

Check this link to gain a quick overview of how Jin has applied his Centerpath’s ideas to science, metaphysics, living life, and social governance. In essence Centerpath has evolved into the following main branches.

For a quick overview of Centerpath, check our this introductory Video or download this Free Introduction.

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