Why We Like Math

Why does everyone like math? It’s simple. It’s because we can trust in math. Math is truthful, consistent, dependable, and always providing the same result. The precise qualities we strive for on a personal level and seek out in others. Math also reflects the inherent harmony of the universe. Through math we can plainly see […]

International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology

I was lucky to speak at the 7th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology on a subject that inspired me over 15 years ago! You can watch the video here. Fun stuff! I also participated in a panel discussion entitled ‘Forging Creativity and Changemaking Through Spiritual and Psychological Practice’. Some great and insightful discussion […]

New Technical Paper by Jin!

The cycle of returning things to their source permeates the universe. It’s the phenomenon that drives salmon to migrate to their original spawning ground, dying stars to collapse back to their originating gravitational center, and why we’re all inexplicably drawn to be buried in our hometowns.   Applying this essential function to how the mind […]

Jin’s New On-line Course

Hi Everyone! Some fun news–I just published my first Udemy on-line course entitled “Building a Deeper Spirituality Through Nature”. Because the course is brand new, it’s FREE for the next 3 days. Follow these steps to check it out! 1. Click on this link and enrol in the course by Saturday morning at 11 a.m. […]


Following on from my Haden Institute Presentation (entitled ‘Building A Deeper Spirituality Through Nature’), I developed a set of worksheets to further advance the goals of the lecture. So, print out the forms in the link below, get into nature, and use nature’s language to progressively get closer to her, increase your spirituality, and build […]

10 Ways Purity Can Change Your Life

Nature, like all great spiritual and religious traditions that have followed in her footsteps, instills purity in all her starting points to ensure that the overall creation is equally well-balanced and well-formed. Continuing in this mighty tradition, use this modern day Centerlife equivalent to discover fresh and practical means to employ purity to uplift and […]