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Intelligent Citizen (i-Citizen in short) is a virtual, worldwide community created by Jin based on his Centerpath formulization.

i Citizen is intended to improve lives through implementing more sensible, holistic approaches to how we live and interact.

i Citizen forms the final piece of Jin’s overall Centerpath organization–the action-oriented side of Centerpath showing ‘citizens’ practical means of putting nature’s wisdoms to in their day-to-day lives but also showing how to structure an entire society. Ultimately, i-Citizen forms a complete system of social governance. 

i-Citizen is based on a simple and highly empowering premise–human nature is a reflection of its source code–nature herself. That we as humans–like the universe that created us; inherently seek balance, elation, and higher planes . Thus i-Citizen will shift society’s reward systems to emphasize the better side of human nature to achieve a more beneficial state of being.

i-Citizen will stimulate social and environment responsibility through first redefining humanity’s core values and than translating these same values into action throughout society via its culture. educational, media, and legislative organizations.

How will your involvement in i Citizen contribute to a better world? By acting in mindful, kind, and purposeful ways; you will have contributed to a better life, the lives of others, and the universe at large. Multiplied by millions of people, our collective mindset and actions will change the world in the most wonderful and beautiful of ways.

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