Which Book is For Me?

Read the following, quick summaries to determine which book best matches the current stage of your spiritual development.

Centerlife – Happiness by DesignThe ultimate life practice book! Centerlife shows how your life is structured in nature’s patterns and how you have you her harmony generating wisdom to uplift and enhance your life!

Seven Paths to PowerThis wonderful new age/self help book takes readers on a deep Centerpath journey discovering how the can use nature’s power–that is her beauty, balance, harmony, purity, and divinity; to naturally uplift and enhance their lives.

Heart of the UniverseA metaphysical gem! This is Jin’s defining, metaphysics classic outlining all of Centerpath’s ideas during a walk between two friends. This book is a deep thinkers delight.

AwakenThis book features Jin’s personal spiritual transformation! Self help genre. Shows readers how to enrich their life and awaken their soul–i.e. become enlightened.

Heart of Gold – This self help book shows readers practical ways to improve their life through emulating natures’ great wisdom. To Jin this is a must read, a Centerpath treasure.

Encyclopedia Centerpath – Discover the Common Pattern Underlying All Things! This book shows myriad examples of Centerpath in nature, biology, the cosmos, our lives, and society. This is a fun, visual e-book showing how practically everything in the universe shares the same pattern! A great reference document for all ages including kids. 

Centerpath Papers – This eight part series presents Jin’s full Centerpath formulization in an intriguing and easy-to-follow, ‘white paper’ format. A must read to philosophical types and seekers of greater wisdom into the nature of being.