The life practice Centerlife emphasizes living in harmony with nature through emulating her great creative process.

Centerlife teaches that once you realign your life with the wisdom flowing throughout nature and indeed one’s being, you have a chance to restore beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaborative relationships back in your life—just like all other creations in nature.

Centerlife is About Putting Mother Nature’s Flowing Wisdom Back Into Human Nature

To this end, Centerlife emphasizes the need to instil as much purity and virtue into all the centers of one’s life which directly translates into a more enriched and wholesome, larger. Such centers include our physical, emotional, intellectual, social, and spiritual centers.

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Centerlife’s Origins

Centerlife’s origins reside in the writings of Jin Nua who, following what he describes as a spiritual awakening in 1998, began studying nature in order to better understand the true character of being. Following his theoretical breakthroughs on the character of being (see The Centerpath Papers and Encyclopedia Centerpath), Jin focused more-and-more on Centerpath applications that apply to our lives which resulted in Centerlife.