How to Use Centerpath

Centerpath can be used in many wonderful ways!

Learn How the World Works thru Nature’s Law of Creation!

If you want to learn how the how the universe works and organizes itself, check out Jin’s Laws of Creation and the Center Ordering Principle.

By understanding the creative process and applying it to both man and nature’s worlds, you stand to gain great insights and wisdom.

Improve Your Life thru Centerlife!

Centerlife forms a full life practice designed to realign our lives with nature’s wisdom.

Centerlife teaches that through emulating nature’s patterns of creation, our lives will naturally include more beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaborative-ness.

Be a Great Citizen of the World thru i-Citizen!

i-Citizen outlines a system of social governance emphasizing both governmental, corporate, and individual responsibility.

Join i-Citizen today!

Notes on Terminology

Since Centerpath is the starting point of all of Jin’s ideas and formulizations, the term Centerpath is often used as an ‘umbrella’ term encompassing all of Jin’s papers, books, and videos as well as his life practice Centerlife and his system of social governance i-Citizen.

All Centerpath Branches Compliment One Another

Each branch of Centerpath compliments the others. For instance.

  • Integrating all of his ideas, Jin’s metaphysical work Heart of the Universe serves as a simple and direct means to access all of Jin’s ideas including those of The Laws of Creation, Centerlife, and i-Citizen.
  • In the same tradition as Taoism and Confucius in Chinese thought, Centerlife and i-Citizen compliment one another with their analogous life practice philosophy (Centerlife) and system of social governance (i-Citizen).