Gatekeepers of Humanity

Woman have a corner on life’s greatest pleasures (food, children, beauty, fashion, grace, human connection etc.). They are truly the gate keepers of humanity. Thank goodness! Could you imagine what men would do with these precious commodities if they controlled them?! First they would exploit them, than fight over them, and then destroy them! Thank goodness […]

Life’s Biggest Struggle…Me

Of the many challenges in life it was me–myself, I–my ego; that proved the greatest challenge. Getting over my hurt feelings. Getting past my need for recognition and self-importance. Getting myself out of the middle of every discussion, subject, relationship, and group gathering. Stopping myself from being a selfish and petty cheat. When we overcome ourselves, […]

Sometimes Things Come Together..

Elevator talk explains a lot. Today (on an elevator) someone said; “sometimes everything comes together” (in the sense of an evenings plans). I couldn’t help but think to myself ‘thank goodness everything in my body comes together every moment and continuously!’ Think about it–atoms, molecules, amino acids, proteins, DNA, cells, tissues, organs etc. ‘come together’ […]

Welcome to My New Blog!

Welcome to my new Blog! Its goals are simple and profound. The first order of business is essential—to expand the scope of thought on a variety of issues. Ideas related to human nature, the mind, creation, man’s connection with nature, the human condition, etc. are key elements of this project. The second goal is to […]