Spirituality & Psychology Conference (3rd Annual)

I was honored to speak at the 3rd Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychology in Bangkok on 14-Mar-18. My presentation was entitled. “Centerpath, A New Metaphysical Description of Being” in which I presented how nature’s creative force naturally generates the qualities and harmony in nature and our lives.

A wide cross-section of international experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, holistic medicine, religion, and spiritualism were in attendance.

It was rare treat to sit amongst a group of such talented, open minded, intellectual, and spiritually charged professionals.

I learned a great many new insights. Not only, the highly interactive Q&A following my presentation let me know the ideas of Centerpath resonate with a wide range of professions which is always a satisfying experience.

A great day for spirituality and for Centerpath!

For those interested in further details of the presentation, I have provided the relevant abstract below. You can also see the full .pdf presentation at the following link.

Researcher: Greg Bahora

Presentation Title: Centerpath – A Comprehensive Metaphysical Description of Being

Research Focus: Sacred Geometry, Dimensions and Chakras

Presentation Type: Oral Presentation


Centerpath – A Comprehensive Metaphysical Description of Being

Greg Bahora (Kansas City, USA)

Following a profound spiritual transformation, I have sought to better understand the true nature of reality and to comprehend the meaning of being. To find answers, I turned to numerous philosophical and metaphysical doctrines including religion, spirituality, Eastern mysticism, fractal science, and systems theory. Unsatisfied, I looked to the lessons of nature for clues. 

After many years of observation and testing, I was able to develop a comprehensive formulization to how man, nature, and the cosmos are organized. What I found is this—the universe uses a center-oriented creative force to spontaneously generate not only the order we see streaming throughout the universe, but also the fantastic qualities of symmetry, beauty, balance, holism, purity, and collaboration.

Because our lives are organized in these same patterns, I’ve also been able to show people how they can use nature’s wisdom to uplift and enhance their lives. In conclusion, Centerpath provides a comprehensive metaphysical description of how the universe works—describing how a wide range of phenomena are created, organized, and perpetuated. It also shows how our lives follow these same patterns and through this understanding, we can naturally enrich our lives as individuals and societies.