Dialogue with the Universe – How to be Happy

Be happy! How? Follow Your Heart! How? Listen to your inner voice, it has all the wisdom you’ll ever need. How? Stop thinking you know everything! How? Have faith in your natural intuition versus simply accepting society’s definition of what is important and right. How? Slow your life. Walk in nature. Surround yourself with high […]

Time Stand Still

Once a day take the time to make time stand still. Whatever you’re doing take the time to stop, look, and listen to a friend, spouse, a child, a flower, a sunset–the magic of being. These form the little moments of bliss that precipitate in the space-time of our being, and last throughout eternity.

Our Lives are Inexplicably Connected to Nature

What to take away from Centerpath? This is what Jin hopes for (as excerpted from his Centerpath website at http://www.centerpath.org/about-us/). Jin hopes readers’ find great solace discovering just how closely their lives are linked to nature. A connection sadly obscured by the hustle and bustle of modern society and its never ending need for more-and-more. […]