Free Intro to Centerpath

Check out this Free Introduction to Centerpath (the file is in .pdf format).

You can also view the Free Introduction via a UTube video at this link.

Below are a couple excerpts from the Free Intro to wet your whistle.

One day fifteen years ago the world suddenly appeared very differently to me when, during a routine walk near my home, a series of events somehow conspired to overthrow an old worldview and replace it with something new. A revelation that seemingly unrelated phenomena -both natural, biological, and social; actually share a common underlying pattern —and apparent purpose.

  • Surprisingly the spark for this new vision didn’t arise from noting the world’s contrasts —but Instead Its similarities. In fact during that fateful walk, nature’s apparent differences appeared not so differently after all.
  • As rain began to fall, I stopped to reflect on my experiences. Recognizing a flower wasn’t a spider web or a thunderstorm; I also realized each shared the same underlying form. A center-oriented pattern resulting from agglomerations of ‘parts’ about a domineering center. I wondered if I was witnessing the Great Creator’s ordering principle at work.
  • Hence was the conclusion to a powerfully enlightening day –and the founding of a new worldview. A vision recognizing center-oriented patterns underlay all of nature and man’s creations –a natural result of formidable centers residing at their core.
  • Years later I learned the symmetric, halo-shaped configuration of center-oriented forms naturally generate worlds of beauty and balance –nature’s great creative force is hard wired to produce worlds of accord and harmony! Phenomenal virtues of being we can use in our lives once we reopen our hearts to nature’s wisdom –and the possibilities. Let Centerpath show you the way.