Benefits Department

Centerpath’s powerful insights, perspective, and knowledge add up to more wisdom, confidence, assurance, and well-being—peace of mind and happiness. Freeing us to expand our minds and pursue higher goals and desires.

Consider the following benefits afforded those who walk the Centerpath (see this VDO to glean a visual perspective).

Centerpath Builds Perspective

Seekers will be inspired when they come to learn the patterns of atoms match those of cells, celestial bodies, emotions, group dynamics etc., etc. Such insightful knowledge rewards readers with a fresh and empowering perspective.

A Deeper Appreciation of Life and Nature

Centerpath’s insightful and penetrating knowledge affords readers a deeper appreciation of nature and life.

See How You Fit In

Seekers will see how the patterns of their lives match those of nature, and through recognizing these connections they can enrich it. Through Centerpath readers can better understand the world and see how their lives fit into its larger designs.

Centerpath Builds Knowledge

Centerpath broadens reader knowledge through its concise and lucid descriptions of the natural and manmade worlds.

Centerpath Enhances Lives

Centerpath shows how our lives are linked to natures’ and how through capitalizing on this wisdom, we can naturally uplift it. Merging nature, man, the cosmos, and the divine; some have called Centerpath the most comprehensive guide to life since Buddhism.

Centerpath Empowers

Through its deep applicability to our lives, Centerpath empowers readers to take positive action to improve their lives.

Centerpath Builds Effectiveness

By understanding the patterns underlying a host of personal and social phenomena, readers will be more confident and effective in their thoughts, emotions, relationships, and social undertakings.

Centerpath Expands Worldviews

Crashing through the barriers once thought separating a host of natural and manmade phenomena, Centerpath provides readers with an expanded and empowering worldview. Readers will act more responsibly, come to appreciate the world’s interconnectivity, and build a healthier respect for nature.