Heart of Gold

HOG Cover

Heart of Gold is the perfect follow-up to Heart of the Universe, showing readers more specifically how the universe’s great creative force relates to their life and, just as importantly, how we can harness its power to uplift and enhance it.

In Heart of Gold, author Jin Nua shows how simply reintroducing nature’s great wisdoms back into our lives, our lives become naturally uplifted and more enchanted. Readers will:

  • Discover the genius of the universe’s creative process.
  • Recognize how the creative forces shaping the universe are the same forces molding and shaping our lives.
  • Learn how the universe generates harmony and how you can generate the same in their life.
  • Grasp how important ‘beginnings’ are to all things that follow.
  • Understand how cultivating strong ‘centers’ can directly translate to a more balanced life.

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