Often Asked Questions

What is Centerpath?

Centerpath is a unique, new formulization of how nature and our lives work and are organized.

It begins from a simple premise—all things share a common, underlying centrally oriented structure. This is a natural result—the universe’s very creative force impels things to organize around domineering centers.

Thus the seemingly diverse creations of atoms, cells, societies, solar systems, galaxies, bee hives, and river systems are in fact all united through the common, center-oriented structure they share. 

Please give me some quick links to quickly understand Centerpath?

A quick overview of Centerpath can be found here.

The four, main branches of Centerpath can be viewed at this link. These include.

  • Centerpath’s scientific/technical basis (i.e. The Center Ordering Principle) can be located here.
  • Centerpath’s metaphysical basis can be in Jin’s book Heart of the Universe. Check the Audio Book here.
  • Centerpath’s life practice Centerlife can be found at this link.
  • Centerpath’s system of social governance (i-Citizen) is listed here.

Jin’s many books are listed here.

Why is Centerpath important?

Centerpath is exceedingly important because it shows how the patterns of our lives match those of nature, and through recognizing these connections we can uplift our lives.

Centerpath’s teachings begin by developing a deeper understanding of nature and her many wisdoms. We see the connections uniting all things and how our lives are inextricably linked to her designs. Not only, Centerpath teaches how nature’s creative force shapes our lives and how capitalizing on this knowledge we can improve our experience of it.

What was your inspiration for Centerpath?

Simply—nature. Following on from my transformative spiritual experience in 1998, I quickly came to realize the only way to better understand being was to study nature and her many creations. So I walked every chance I could, studying her patterns, orderliness, and riotous beauties. Over a decade later I was finally able to begin making sense out of her dynamics, the results of which is Centerpath.

Where did you develop Centerpath’s ideas?

Centerpath’s ideas first arose living on a beach in Thailand. I believe living in Thailand contributed to Centerpath’s development in two ways. The first was the creative effects from living amongst the lush natural beauty of southern Thailand. Big beautiful skies and exotic trees, plants, and bugs all contributed to my newfound awe of nature and a desire to make sense of it. The other main factor was the positive effects Thai culture has on expansive thinking. Whereas Western culture tends to restrict discussion (I call it the ‘no’ culture), Thai culture is more open and accepting. Most don’t fully appreciate just how much this opens up one’s mind to further possibilities.

What are the Centers of my life?

There are many. They are the numerous beginnings and starts of our lives. Such things as new thoughts, experiences, interactions, and initiatives. They are also centers of mind related to our needs, wants, and desires.

All dew drop-like seeds of the universe that once formed, grow into the larger creations of our being—our relationships, houses, families, the furnishings and products we buy, destinies, and the memories we form in others. They all reflect the disposition of their maker—i.e. you. You being who you are deep down inside—what you believe in and what you hold as dear and important.

Give me an example of Centerpath in our lives

Sure. Nature’s creative force streams through every aspect of our lives especially how our minds work. Our minds are constantly attempting to make sense out of the world, through organizing hosts of variables about single, and unifying centers.

For instance, discussions and arguments are drawn to single conclusions and we plan events about climatic moments and deadlines. Also—memories wrap up about central, memento like images. It’s also how society organizes about leaders and capitals. Our lives as well—centered on various needs, wants, desires, and dreams that guide and perpetuate our days.

Give me an example how Centerpath can improve my life

Centerpath shows how through emulating nature’s wisdoms we can elevate our lives. This schooling starts by exposing the relationships between centers—i.e. beginnings, and the larger creation forming about them. In particular, once we understand how the character of points of inception are carried forward to all that follows—for instance our relationships, what we buy and wear, and how we act; we can glean optimal ways to approach life which is simply ensuring everything we start is as pure and holistic as possible. This is exactly what Centerlife is designed to acheive.

What sets Centerpath apart?

Centerpath is unique in many ways. Centerpath is the first philosophy rooted fully in nature’s wisdoms. It starts by showing the common pattern underlying an incredible variety of phenomena including matter, biology, the cosmos, our minds, institutions, infrastructure, and more. Not only it shows how our lives are linked to this same design and how through capitalizing on this wisdom, we can naturally uplift it.

Centerpath also provides a simple and single solution to all of life and society’s problems. That if we simply heal the core of whatever we consider—diets, emotions, quarrels, a homework problem, a war, whatever—we can find the answer and a path forward. In fact, because its ideas cover so many facets of being some have called it the most significant philosophical work on life since Buddhism.

How can I get started on Centerpath?

Centerpath’s wide ranging subjects offer many avenues of exploration for those seeking to better understand the world and improve their lives. Luckily I’ve developed a substantial amount of content that will aid people in quickly familiarizing themselves with Centerpath and begin improving their lives.

Probably the easiest place to start is my YouTube site as it has several wonderful introductory videos.

To learn more about how to apply Centerpath to you life, check out my Centerlife website.

What about your Centerpath books?

Because Centerpath’s ideas are so wide ranging, several styles of books are available to explore Centerpath. For instance, if you want to improve your life pick up my life paractive book Centerlife – Happiness by Design or self-help book Heart of Gold.

If you would enjoy learning more about the structure of nature and our lives, you’ll enjoy The Centerpath Encyclopedia. For those that prefer a more bottoms up, theoretical outline of the Centerpath formulization, try The Centerpath Papers.

For the more metaphysically inclined, start with Heart of the Universe.

Those seeking higher spiritual planes and a closer relationship to the divine, should check our my book Seven Paths to Power.

You can purchase my books at here or on Amazon.