Unconditional Love

The greatest journey you could ever hope to undertake in this wonderful lifetime is along a path little travelled. It’s not a journey in the sense most expect. It is not the ascension of a mountain or an overseas adventure. But it’s one that can take you to any place you’ve imagined or dreamed about—and […]

Today’s Chaos

People are bewildered by the chaos building in all corners of the world today however there is a reason stitching all such phenomena together. The seeds of today’s sorrows was sown in the collective mindset of the last 35 years of hyper-bull market mentality. How? Mass moods swing between positive and negative periods on scales […]


Circumstances are indeed important.   Parents, environment, disposition, siblings, nation/region/state/local, influences, the paths you choose, the paths you declined, the paths you ignored, what you felt was embarrassing, what you thought was cool, what you watched, how you spent your time, how much you listened versus how much you talked. How many great ideas and […]

What is Philosophy?

Today a subscriber asked me to define philosophy. A great but very tough question. I was stumped at first. But after a several dumbfounded moments it became clear—at least to me–philosophy is the art/practice of asking “why” (i.e. trying to understand why things are the way they are). Checking the Oxford Dictionary Definition (which is […]

The Speed of Scent

Sitting on back packers street in Ho Chi Minh city taking in the sites, sounds, and smells; the strong scent of dried squid of a passing hawker inspired me to come up with a poem of sorts. It goes something like this; Like sound and light to hearing and sight, at the speed of air so […]

A Single Solution to Life

A million opinions on how to live life but none are full or complete. One can spend their whole life investigating the various ideas which, while always providing some insights, all miss the essential point—-there is in fact a single, reliable roadmap to life. What is this pathway? What is the secret? It’s simple—-follow your […]