Quick Intro to Centerpath

All of Jin’s ideas emanate from his early Centerpath observations and theories.

Centerpath: The unification of man, art, nature, and spirituality

His Centerpath formulization provides a full metaphysical of the fundamental nature of reality showing how nature and our lives work and are organized.

Centerpath begins from a basic point of reference–it’s based on the simple premise that nature is organized about pure and powerful centers. Such centers giving rise to both the order and the harmony we see streaming throughout the universe.

The key takeaways of Centerpath are listed below. If you come to understand these basic tenants, you can understand everything you need to know about Centerpath and thereby, nature and life.

  • All things have a center.
  • The center defines the quality and character of the larger creation forming about them.

Like nature, by placing pure and powerful centers at the core of your life, you can naturally make it more harmonious and uplifted.

Check out one of these VDO’s (Intro to Centerpath or The Center Ordering Principle) to jumpstart your knowledge.

Jin now has three on-line courses you can take to gain raise your spiritualty, improve your life, and help you acquire what you desire and help you uncover your destiny.

The top two Centerpath practices you can implement toward living a better life day-to-day are;

  • Bolster and enhance the various centers of your life. These are the various needs, wants, desires, hopes, and dreams than make up 95% of our lives. This is exactly what my life practice Centerlife is intended to do.
  • Begin all the starting points of your life–i.e. all your interactions, meetings, new initiatives, etc.; with virtue and ‘heart’ and your life will naturally reflect more of the same.

Also check out my book Heart of the Universe or Centerlife – Happiness by Design to learn more.