Life Coaching

Jin’s deep insights into being and life make him uniquely situated to provide effective and meaningful guidance to the answers you seek.

As an engineer, mystic, and philosopher; Jin is well-versed in multi-disciplines and capable of providing the advice and counsel you need.



Some items you may want to explore with Jin;

  • Management and leadership coaching
  • Advice on life decisions, challenges, impasses, and crossroads
  • What’s truly important in life and how to recognize it
  • What’s life about and what is our purpose
  • What is enlightenment and how to achieve it
  • Perspective on how the life cycle unfolds and how you can use this knowledge to become a better and stronger person
  • Deep insights into nature, matter, the cosmos, and being; allowing you to attain new heights of understanding and wisdom
  • How life and society work and are structured

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