A Jin Welcome!

Welcome to my blog!

Hi everyone! Jin Nua here.

I’m blessed and thrilled you visited my site today! In many ways your arrival marks the beginning of the next phase of your life’s journey, and something I feel I have a significant role in assisting you with.

You see, Centerpath is based on the highest of all wisdoms-nature’s harmony generating wisdom of which I have encapsulated in my life’s work-Centerpath. Being your root nature and having the wisdom available for the first time, I believe you are somewhat obligated to embrace it and live it.

Because I hold the keys to this knowledge, I also feel it my duty to articulate nature’s magic to you.  

Your roots are calling you–i encourage you to respond in kind.

Why Centerpath? 

Following decades of observing her, I developed a series of theorems describing her process of creation (encapsulated in papers Nature’s Laws of Creation and The Center Ordering Principle) which ultimately led to a life practice (Centerlife) and a system of social governance (i-Citizen), all of which are based on nature’s balance and harmony generating ways.

Centerpath provides a full metaphysical formulization for how the universe works and creates. Likewise, Centerlife provides a complete roadmap toward undertaking and navigating life’s journey.

Don’t be discouraged by the broad scope of Centerpath. It is in fact fun and easy to learn so I encourage you to jump right in! Check out my VDO’s and consider picking up one of my e-book based on your interests and spiritual desires.

This virtual exhibition is also a great place to start to gain a quick overview of my all ideas including Centerpath, Centerlife, and i-Citizen.

Again welcome aboard and I hope your Centerpath journey brings you the same great solace, wonder, and bliss it brought me in delivering it here, to you, today!

All the best!