Amplified – Want to Feel Elevated?

I’ve stood upon my mountaintop and shouted at the sky walked above the pavement with my sense amplified – I get this feeling -Neil Peart (“Scars” from Presto) What does it feel like to “walk above the pavement with one’s senses amplified”—i.e. to be keenly aware of the moment? Jin’s following passage goes a long […]

Why Are We Here?

“Why are we here? Because we’re here…Roll the Bones”–Neil Peart Some one asked me “Is there any purpose to our lives? Is there a reason we’re here? ” I could only reply, “nobody knows for sure but even without knowing, simply having the opportunity to experience this miraculous state of being removes any worries or doubts as to if its worth it. […]

Giant Step

A sure sign humanity is on the right track (toward enlightened being) will be the day men gladly share sidewalk space with one another. Indeed—instead of men believing it advantageous to make the approaching stranger give way, they will willingly share the space because they respect others–and know its the right, balanced, and graceful way to interact […]