Seize the Day – Seize the Now

The true meaning of the phrase “Seize the Day” has unfortunately been hijacked by wild eyed capitalist as their rallying cry to signify gaining more and more, winning and never losing, eating another before being eaten, being a bigger boss, and beating others.

However that is a desecration of its intended meaning. Indeed far from trying to convey beating others down; the term ‘carpe diem’ (i.e. seize the day) is intended to emphasize the importance of living in the here and now, and making the most out of the magical experience of being.

To give all you can to life, to today, to being, to pursuing your dreams, to working toward making something truly extraordinary out of this experience of being.

To grow, give, love, help others, try your best, be courageous, find the divine in the mundane, and witness the magic of being. To pay homage to the blessed ability to reflect, share, know, wonder, and experience this truly miraculous state of being–conscious life and being,

Indeed–seize the day–not through short minded/narrow mindsets but through being sensible, mindful, and focused on life, love, others, nature, and being.

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