Why We Like Math

Why does everyone like math?

It’s simple. It’s because we can trust in math.

Math is truthful, consistent, dependable, and always providing the same result. The precise qualities we strive for on a personal level and seek out in others.

Math also reflects the inherent harmony of the universe. Through math we can plainly see the underlying order, symmetry, beauty, and balance of nature and being.

So next time you help a child with their math homework or use math, relish knowing you’re doing much more than performing a mechanical operation. Know instead you’re actually wielding the magic of the universe in the most essential and delightful of ways.

The Law of Desire: Create Like the Universe to Get What You Want

Some cool news–I just published my second on-line course.
It’s entitled “The Law of Desire: Create Like the Universe to Get What You Want”.
With all the self-help systems available, it was time to tailor Centerpath’s concept to a system people can use to find their true passion and acquire what they desire—all in accordance with the universe’s great creative process!
Because the course is brand new, check it our for FREE for the next 30 days (applies to the first 100 that sign up).

Jin’s New On-line Course

Hi Everyone!
Some fun news–I just published my first Udemy on-line course entitled “Building a Deeper Spirituality Through Nature”.
Because the course is brand new, it’s FREE for the next 3 days.
Follow these steps to check it out!
1. Click on this link and enrol in the course by Saturday morning at 11 a.m. USA-EST (which equates to 10 p.m. on Saturday night in Jakarta/Bangkok).
2. Watch the course (it’s about an hour in duration).
Note–there’s no time limit to watch the full course however you must enrol within 3-days to get FREE access.
3. Please ‘Rate’ the course (1-5 Stars) and provide a ‘Review’. This will help the course get off to a great start!
4. Feel free to forward the link to a few of your good friends!
I hope you find it fun and interesting!


Following on from my Haden Institute Presentation (entitled ‘Building A Deeper Spirituality Through Nature’), I developed a set of worksheets to further advance the goals of the lecture.

So, print out the forms in the link below, get into nature, and use nature’s language to progressively get closer to her, increase your spirituality, and build more meaning in your life!




EXCERPT FROM MY SITE ON NATURE’S LANGUAGE: Like human language, which is comprised of symbols and pattern, nature’s patterns of creation form a language we can use to communicate with her. This is indeed very significant. A language to communicate with nature affords us a means to engage and communicate with her. To build a dialogue, relationship, and deeper connection with her all big steps towards better understanding the world and thereby raising one’s spiritual quotient. Use this pdf wonderful worksheet to learn nature’s language! My recommendation is to print the files out and study them during walks in nature.