New Beginnings

To start the new year, a quick reminder of just how important new beginnings are. Please enjoy the following excerpt from my book Heart of Gold. I hope it helps you to raise your experience in 2017 to new levels.

“It’s astonishing finding just how much of our existence is created from what are nothing more than small, tiny instances of change. Fluctuations, thoughts, and interactions forming the seeds of something much larger to follow. It’s this unique dynamic causing seedlings to grow into mighty oaks, single molecules to evolve into intricate snowflakes, and how the flapping of a single butterfly’s wings can change weather patterns half way around the world. It’s the way of the universe and the way of our lives.  

Cognizant of this condition, we’d do ourselves great favors ensuring the various inception points of our lives are comprised of the greatest things possible.

What are these key moments of inception? They are our thoughts, reactions, interactions, choices, words and actions. Little moments of glory planting the seeds for ever more glorious things to follow. Thus as you go about the business of life, you can best ensure all things you ultimately create—the strength and quality of  your relationships, the impressions and lasting memories you leave in others, your reputation, and the characters of your children; will be great if you begin all things with great intentions, virtuously, and with a golden heart.

Each time you think, act, plan, choose, speak, and dream do so with sincerity, passion, purity, and compassion. From such beginnings all that results will ultimately grow and flower into something beautiful, meaningful, and enduring. Practiced routinely, setting the stage for a life of enchantment.”

Last Modified on June 27, 2021
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