Hone Alone

I hope you find the following excerpt from my book Awaken fun and inspiring. 

“It’s nearly impossible to ascend mountaintops or journey inward to your heart if you’re continually distracted by others and pop culture. To arrive at new and enlightening destinations, you’ll need to take quiet time for yourself.

Sharing and being with others is one of life’s greatest joys. However, it also keeps us from getting to know ourselves better and from growing. This doesn’t mean you need to become a hermit, but it does mean that you will need to dedicate more time to yourself. To achieve this, make it a point to find quiet spaces and time just for yourself. Stop at a park on the way home and take a walk. Sit in a coffee shop and take notes or read a great novel. 

The same goes for your interactions with pop culture. If you are continually engaged in the negativity of news and the competition culture, your mind will never find the time to stretch and relax. 

To attain higher states of awareness, it’s recommended that you largely limit your ties to the machine. Turn off and walk away from the TV and the ridiculous hype and expectations it creates. Keep the competition culture at bay by drastically reducing your viewing of sports and competition TV such as the endless stream of reality based shows. Fill all your newfound time with more meaningful pursuits such as art, books, and walks in nature.

Overtime you will begin to feel the positive changes. You will begin growing again. You will start to re-experience the rich aroma of life. Take it in, and bathe in its glory. Take another step closer to becoming aware.”

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