6th Annual Int’l Conf on Spirituality and Psychology

I was honoured again to speak at the “International Conference on Spirituality and Psychology” which occurred on 13-Mar-2021 (my presentation can be viewed at this link):

Even though virtual this year, the conference was a rousing success on many levels!

A big hat’s off to organizers for hosting such a meaningful and highly successful conference. Spirituality and psychology remain the most significant disciplines towards improving the human condition thus this forum is of utmost significance!


In addition to supporting the organizers as a committee member I will also joined as a panel speaker for the panel discussion which can be viewed at this link:

My responses to the questions posed in the panel discussion, can be viewed at the following VDO times.

  • 01:22 – 02:03 – Introduction of the panellists
  • 16:34 – 18:30 – How to reconnect to one’s spiritual self?
  • 35:31 – 37:43 – What is spirituality?
  • 52:41 – 55:40 – Tell us about Centerlife?
  • 1:07:18 – 1:09:59 – How can one improve their creativity?
  • 1:15:00 – 1:16:37 – How to maintain one’s ‘spiritual momentum’ following the conference?
  • 1:24:24 – 1:25:00 – Can you provide some resources to study spirituality?

From Flat to Spherical

Hold the press! Cosmologist have just rewritten a colossal part of their history books!

Whereas they’ve believed the universe was ‘flat’ for decades, recent findings caused them to firmly shift their belief that it’s not flat, but instead shaped as a sphere! See this article ( New Research Suggests that the Universe is a Sphere and Not Flat After All – Universe Today )

But alas, we already knew the universe was spherical in shape! As Centerpath clearly states—the universe’s creative process produces creations with a halo-like form, i.e. spheres. This is a natural result—such creations formed from an originating powerful center (see this link for a refresher http://centerlife.center/how-harmony/).

Thus, it’s no surprise finding that the Mother of all Centers—i.e. the Big Bang itself, created the universe in the shape of a sphere!

And the pattern applies to everything! Atoms, cells, planets, solar systems, societies, and your life.

Learn to live the power of perfect, spherically formed symmetry in your life!

Let Centerlife show you how!

6th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Health


I am excited to announce I will be supporting the “6th Annual International Conference on Spirituality and Health” as a committee member.

This year’s conference will be virtual and occur between 13-15 March 2021.This year’s conference theme is “Reframing, Rebuilding, Reconnecting” and will include a host of international experts in psychology and spirituality delivering many diverse and excellent topics.

In addition to supporting the organizers as a committee member I will also join as a panel speaker for the panel decision “Reconnecting with Your Spiritual Self” as well as presenting a talk on “Spiritual Awakening – A Personal Story”.Great stuff!Check out the FB site at the link below and if your interested please sign up to join some of the sessions.


Article in Kindred Spirit Magazine

Kindred Spirit magazine just published an article I wrote on how spending more time in nature not only increases your spirituality quotient, but might also lead to a spiritual awakening.

Download the full article as a .pdf from the following link.


BTW–Kindred Spirit is a wonderful magazine covering a large range of topics related to balanced living, wellness, and spiritualty. Check them out at kindredspirit.co.uk.

On the Centerpath…

Find your true self on the centerPath; nature self art science freedom; outside the human world; the temple of the heart; beyond the human centered world into the worlds of nature and art on your way to the heart of the universe;

connections; increasing order; increasing harmony; increasing beauty; connect art science nature and mind; use the mind to find the connections underlying all things; follow the flow pattern toward the center;

align; alignment; shed your mental baggage and become freer and freer as you approach the center Heart; become a little child again regain your senses of wonder delight curiosity as you walk the path of jin nua;

become who you are; who are you? you are heart and way; are you centered?… this is the way to the heart… centering;

the quickening; the gathering; the greater path; the higher path; the deeper path; the centerPath;

beauty is a fractal; no matter deep you look you find finer and finer beauty; harmony is fractal; no matter how far you ride the horse with no name, harmony after harmony after harmony; centers are fractal; follow the centers as they quicken and gather around the heart;

more than random chaos; more than empty nothingness; pure heart, golden centerPath;

–Benjamin Booneshaft

Center Everyday

While most focus on the classic techniques of yoga and meditation to center themselves, there are in fact many alternative ways to center your mind through our day-to-day routines and by just getting closer to nature.

In our daily routines you can accomplish the goal by fully focusing on the task at hand. Whether playing with your children, undertaking a hobby, playing music, or simply doing the dishes; directing your utmost attention to the space and time before you brings you closer to the moment, others, and yourself. You will become more centered and peaceful.

Being in and around nature accomplishes the same goal (see for yourself via studies like this: https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S0013935118303323 ).

Some of my favorite nature-focused activities include;

— Rock Balancing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZF62fI3KK5s

— Sand Art: http://www.sandcircles.co.uk/latest.php

— Forest Bathing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=stuZaKB9j7I

— Bonsai: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PEGevD5jd64

— Walk in a Labyrinth: https://www.smithsonianmag.com/travel/walk-worlds-meditative-labyrinths-180957823/

— Nature and the Meaning of Life: Walk in nature and listen to this VDO on the Meaning of Life:

— Visit the Heart of the Universe: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4916WU7fOiA

Rock balancing image courtesy Michael Grab

Tedx Talk to Be!

Almost got a TedxTalk slot at Cornell University (however didn’t make the final cut). In either event, you can view the pitch I submitted to Cornell in the link below which goes a long way in explaining how Centerlife was discovered, how it works, and how to apply it to our lives.