New Centerpath Book…Seven Paths to Power!

I’m proud to announce the completion of the sixth book of my Centerpath Master Book Series!

Seven Paths to Power is a major milestone in Centerpath. It takes the ideas of Heart of the Gold to the next level—showing how centers stich together all the aspects of our lives including its points of origin, the importance of today and now, how to choose the best paths in life, and how we can get closer to the Great Creator and the divine.

Check out this excerpt to get a feel for the breadth, excitement, and deeply rich insights of Seven Paths to Power!


Centerpath History Made!

Centerpath’s first official seminar occurred last Thursday at the Hive in Bangkok. It was a wonderful evening—and what a fantastic crowd of spiritual seers attended!

We discussed how order, beauty, and harmony arise in nature. We discussed how our lives are patterned in the same way as nature—and how through understanding this connection; we’re able to put nature’s wisdom to good work in our lives.

The Centerpath revolution has begun and is gaining momentum–one heart at a time.

Centerpath Presentation – Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Life, and Happiness

I’m pleased to announce my upcoming FREE seminar at the Hive on Thursday, 21-Sep-17 at 7 p.m.

If you want to learn more about the universe and life…if you want to put nature’s wisdoms to work in your life…if you want to begin your life afresh…if you want to be happy…than Centerpath is for you.

Through its simple yet wide ranging, Centerpath promises to heal our weary hearts and elevate our experience to higher planes of being. Come join the Centerpath Spiritual Revolution!

See you at The Hive!

Click on the image below for more details on the seminar.

Find Meaning…Through the Heart of All Things

Everything does have a center—atoms, cells, sentences, societies, and solar systems.

Through understanding this essential quality of being you can learn untold wisdoms, and naturally uplift and enhance your experience of life.
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The Shape of the Core

Protons and neutrons are not what you think. They are not simple spherical ‘balls’ as most suspect.

Protons and nucleons are actually comprised of dense cloud of particles (both real and virtual) keyed to a deeply attractive, void-like center perpetuating the swarm as the following passage from Fritjof Capra’s book the Tao of Physics succinctly describes.

“nucleons are, in fact, emitting and absorbing virtual particles all the time. According to field theory, they have to be regarded as centers of continuous activity surrounded by clouds of virtual particles”

And though we tend to associate chaos with the term swarm, the relationships amongst subatomic particles is in fact highly organized and symmetrical. Known as Meson symmetry, the accompanying diagrams depicts the dualistically arranged almost fulcrum-like arrangement of particles about their center.







 It’s interesting to note the Meson Symmetry figure closely resembles Taoism’s I Ching symbol intended to represent the natural order of things which, incredibly enough was developed thousands of years before the tools of science were sophisticated enough to detect the minute details of subatomic particles!

Dialogue with the Universe – How to be Happy

Be happy!


Follow Your Heart!


Listen to your inner voice, it has all the wisdom you’ll ever need.


Stop thinking you know everything!


Have faith in your natural intuition versus simply accepting society’s definition of what is important and right.


Slow your life. Walk in nature. Surround yourself with high art. Reflect more.


Get away from your television and I-device. Don’t believe in what you’ve been told. Accept that you don’t know everything and need to open your mind to other possibilities.


Write out your new direction (by hand) on a piece of paper.


Sit down at a table. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write.


Say to yourself you will make and take the time today.


Read this message again and again until you take action—and take the first step toward being happy.

What is Philosophy?

Today a subscriber asked me to define philosophy. A great but very tough question. I was stumped at first.

But after a several dumbfounded moments it became clear—at least to me–philosophy is the art/practice of asking “why” (i.e. trying to understand why things are the way they are).

Checking the Oxford Dictionary Definition (which is “the study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence”) I knew my interpretation was largely on the right track.

Long live the art of philosophy—the wondering, awe, and questioning of all things.