What Are You Waiting For?

You will never find true wisdom or inner peace without a better understanding of life, nature, and the divine.   A new pathway has been lit to these bastions of true ‘wealth’.   What are you waiting for?   http://jinnuablog.com/index.php/a-jin-welcome/


Who doesn’t love crystals? Their power and allure are irresistible. Spiritual seekers use them to invoke the hidden forces of the universe. Fashion goers use jewelry as the ultimate expression of beauty. And we all remember the thrill of breaking open our first rock and finding the sparkling, crystal treasure at its core. From a […]


Although society places a large premium on high tech gadgets over art, I firmly believe art remains the highest form of human expression.   Viewing one Van Gogh is all I need to remind myself of this.   Thus, it was refreshing to find this belief actually supported by hard economic facts!   You see, […]

Happy Female Principal Day

Happy Mothers Day to all moms—past, present, and future! Thanks for everything you do! Thanks for being patient, sharing, accepting, loving, and for being supportive. Thanks for sharing all of life’s pleasures unselfishly and abundantly—food, children, home, beauty, fashion, and grace. Thanks for being the center of society—for being the glue that holds families and […]

3rd Kid’s Book Complete!

I’m pleased to announce the completion of my 3rd children’s book entitled Behind the Door! Behind the Door shows kid’s how to build courage when faced with new challenges. Set to the backdrop of learning to ride a bicycle, Behind the Door shows how new experiences, while challenging always lead to something fun and lead […]

The Heart of the Bible

THE HEART OF THE BIBLE   A key message of Centerpath is all things have a center—atoms, cells, solar systems, societies, and apparently the Bible.   Check out the following wonderful facts related to the structure of the bible and one of its central themes. —————————————————- The Center Psalm – Psalm 118   When measured […]