What Will Be Your Big Bang in 2019?

All things begin from small and pure places which ultimately grow into something immense and meaningful.

All starts are Big Bangs in their own right.

Our colossal-sized universe earned this title when it began from a minute-sized point over 14 billion years ago.

It’s the same thing when snowflakes form (which is when a single molecule freezes in the midst of a winter storm).

Internet icons grow into millions of followers from the originating thoughts of a single person.

You and I as well—all beginning from a single cell that grew into a highly sophisticated and interlinked organism boasting 32.7 billion cells!

What will your Big Bang be in 2019?

  • A new health initiative?
  • Starting a new hobby like writing poetry, sketching, or developing a book?
  • A new devotion to better understanding nature and being?
  • Being a kinder and gentler soul?
  • Starting a family?
  • Getting closer to god?

Write out your big bang goal today, steadily work toward it, and watch it grow into something colossal in 2019!

Be Grateful!

The most appropriate emotion for the holiday season is being grateful.

The Gratefulpath excerpt below (from ‘The 30 Ladders of Centerlife’) lists the reasons why we should be grateful as well as practices to foster its feelings in our lives.

Check it out below (or at this link: http://centerlife.center/the-30-ladders-of-cenerlife/gratefulpath/) and begin feeling more grateful!

“If the only prayer you said was thank you, that would be enough.”
― Meister Eckhart

Give thanks frequently and copiously, to food, bountifulness, existence, nature, good fortune, loved ones, successes, and career. By doing so, you’ll shake the tree of good fortune and release its plentiful payload in ways both seen and unseen, lifting yourself, others, and the rest of the universe to a higher plane of existence.

We are indebted to so many things. The cosmos, the planet, our ancestors, parents, family and friends, cellular and atomic structure, and the Great Creator. If we don’t give thanks to the many things at the core of our physical and spiritual being, we lose contact with things real and right. We become disconnected, lose our balance, and drift accordingly.

Giving thanks also keeps us connected to those things that are most important to us. Things in our immediate environment such as family and the resources we consume. It also returns us to the spirit at the heart of our existence.

When we remain close to the source, we recognize its undeniable significance and, begin looking at the wonderful world it provides to us, in different and more respectful and meaningful ways.

1. Give thanks to 1-2 things in your life every day when you awake.

2. Find a quiet place once a day, sit, and contemplate the many miracles that are required to sustain your existence.

3. Say a prayer before meals from time-to-time.

4. Thank those that have helped you through the years.

5. Give thanks regularly to the planet that sustains every aspect of your existence. Your air, water, atmosphere, food, fuels, plastics, and products. Nothing you are or have doesn’t come from her.

6. Take action to care for the planet. Recycle, conserve, boycott, and resist all behavior that blindly takes from the planet without giving anything in return.

7. Give thanks to the Great Creator for setting into motion this wonderful miracle of being.8. Enjoy the solace that comes from being thankful and being grateful.

I Am Grateful

I am grateful.

I am grateful for the myriad essential miracles that make life possible…

…I am grateful that subatomic particles somehow came into existence out of nowhere.

…I am grateful that subatomic particles are perfectly configured such that they’re able to combine and form into nucleons and electrons.

…I am grateful that nucleons and electrons were somehow flawlessly arranged such that they could join to form the basic atoms of Hydrogen and Helium.

…I am grateful for the nuclear fusion reaction at the center of suns which transforms Hydrogen and Helium atoms into ever heavier atoms.

…I am grateful for atoms mingling in innumerable combinations to produce molecules.

…I am grateful for molecules which combine in beneficial and gregarious combinations to form macromolecules.

…I am grateful macromolecules further combine into amino acids and subsequently, into DNA and proteins.

…I am grateful for how all of the above magic-like miracles combine into the incredible machinery that are cells.

…I am grateful cells combine into tissues, then organs, then organ systems, and then entire organisms such as you and me.

…I am grateful for the highly improbable conscious thought residing in my mind. It granting me the miracle of looking back on and marveling over the universe that brought it into being.

…I am grateful for every moment of every day; for the innumerable layers, intricacies, interrelations, and dimensions needed to make life possible.

…I am grateful I can recognize my place in the jigsaw puzzle of being. That I am but a miniscule yet mighty part of much larger things operating within me and outside me.

…I am grateful to recognize and live the above. To witness and experience it. To articulate it and share it.

…I am grateful to recognize the divine and draw great solace from the many miracles that make life possible.

I am indeed grateful for the myriad miracles that make life possible.

What Are You Waiting For?

You will never find true wisdom or inner peace without a better understanding of life, nature, and the divine.
A new pathway has been lit to these bastions of true ‘wealth’.
What are you waiting for?

Happy Female Principal Day

Happy Mothers Day to all moms—past, present, and future!

Thanks for everything you do!

Thanks for being patient, sharing, accepting, loving, and for being supportive.

Thanks for sharing all of life’s pleasures unselfishly and abundantly—food, children, home, beauty, fashion, and grace.

Thanks for being the center of society—for being the glue that holds families and society together.

Thanks for defining what’s important, real, and right.

Thanks for guiding my lost species (i.e. men) from cradle to grave. Without you to guide them, they would surely destroy one another and the planet.

Here’s to mom’s today and every day!

Centerpath Presentation – 3rd Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychology

I was honored to speak at the 3rd Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychology in Bangkok on 14-Mar-18. My presentation was entitled. “Centerpath, A New Metaphysical Description of Being”.

A wide cross-section of international experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, holistic medicine, religion, and spiritualism were in attendance.

It was rare treat to sit amongst a group of such talented, open minded, intellectual, and spiritually charged professionals.

I learned a great many new insights. Not only, the highly interactive Q&A following my presentation let me know the ideas of Centerpath resonate with a wide range of professions which is always a satisfying experience.

A great day for spirituality and for Centerpath!