Dialogue with the Universe – How to be Happy

Be happy!


Follow Your Heart!


Listen to your inner voice, it has all the wisdom you’ll ever need.


Stop thinking you know everything!


Have faith in your natural intuition versus simply accepting society’s definition of what is important and right.


Slow your life. Walk in nature. Surround yourself with high art. Reflect more.


Get away from your television and I-device. Don’t believe in what you’ve been told. Accept that you don’t know everything and need to open your mind to other possibilities.


Write out your new direction (by hand) on a piece of paper.


Sit down at a table. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write.


Say to yourself you will make and take the time today.


Read this message again and again until you take action—and take the first step toward being happy.

Today’s Chaos

People are bewildered by the chaos building in all corners of the world today however there is a reason stitching all such phenomena together. The seeds of today’s sorrows was sown in the collective mindset of the last 35 years of hyper-bull market mentality. How?

Mass moods swing between positive and negative periods on scales of decades just like daily, weekly, and monthly mood swings (see the http://www.socionomics.net for more details).

What most don’t realize is that during positive mood era, inequalities grow larger-and-larger; as people bury there head in the sands as the increasingly self-congratulatory feedback system takes hold (“hey my 401k account and housing price keep rising, I must be the master of the universe. What do I have to worry about?”) and destructive behaviors begin to become commonplace. We sweep everything under the rug without a care but as we sleep, kindling keeps building on the forest floor until one day, a spark ignites a wildfire. 

And because the last several decades have seen increasingly destructive behavior (entrenched greediness,  extreme overbuilding and expansion, blind consumption of the planet, banks irresponsibly using depositors money to enrich themselves, the rich getting richer, people being blind to fairness and justice as long as there mutual fund accounts keep growing, etc.); the inequalities have mushroomed, expectations have become ridiculous, and everything (including our vanity) is in oversupply.

In this condition there is only one way to go–down. What goes up must come down–and in this event likely crashing down. Commodity markets are declining, housing prices are softening, employment is rising, radicalism is rising in all corners of the world (including in government leaders). It is the 1970’s and 1930’s all over again.

We hope for the best but are preparing for the worse as the next 1-2 decades could prove to be a wild roller coaster ride of financial, social, and political chaos. The good news–the seeds of its reversal will be sown during its reign as people once again get rooted in reality and begin planning to make the world truly a better place.

Giant Step

A sure sign humanity is on the right track (toward enlightened being) will be the day men gladly share sidewalk space with one another.

Indeed—instead of men believing it advantageous to make the approaching stranger give way, they will willingly share the space because they respect others–and know its the right, balanced, and graceful way to interact with others.

Self-assurance finally overcoming insecurity, logic trumping emotion, and enlightened being caging the monkey within.

A small, yet giant step forward for mankind!

Life’s Biggest Struggle…Me

Of the many challenges in life it was me–myself, I–my ego; that proved the greatest challenge.

Getting over my hurt feelings. Getting past my need for recognition and self-importance. Getting myself out of the middle of every discussion, subject, relationship, and group gathering. Stopping myself from being a selfish and petty cheat.

When we overcome ourselves, we’ve already conquered 90% of life’s challenges.