Centerpath Essentials

The key takeaways of Centerpath are listed below. If you can come to understand these basic tenants, you can understand everything you need to know about Centerpath and therefore nature and life. Check out one of these VDO’s (Intro to Centerpath or The Center Ordering Principle) to jumpstart your knowledge;

  • All things have a center.
  • Centers define and perpetuate the larger creation about them.
  • By placing pure and holistic centers at the cores of your life, you can naturally uplift and enhance your life.

The top three Centerpath practices you can implement day-to-day to live a better life;

  1. Bolster and enhance the various centers of your life. These are the various needs, wants, desires, hopes, and dreams than make up 95% of our lives.
  2. Heal thy core. Forgive, forget, correct, and enhance the various relationships of your life.
  3. Begin all new starts in your life–every interaction, meetings, new initiative, etc.; with the best possible stuff–virtue and heart and your life will naturally reflect more of the same.

Pick up Heart of the Gold to begin uplifting your life today.