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…Enchanted Living through Nature’s Design

What is Centerpath?

Centerpath is a unique, new formulization of how nature and our lives are organized and work.

Centerpath begins from the simple premise that nature spontaneously produces powerful centers which, through the fields emanating from their surface not only raise the order we see streaming throughout the universe, but also instills its creations with the fantastic qualities of symmetry, balance, holism, beauty, and collaboration. Wonderful qualities of being we can also put to good work in our lives.

Centerpath’s ideas are astonishingly wide ranging showing how the seemingly diverse phenomena of matter, biology, the cosmos, our minds, society, and indeed our lives are all organized in the same patterns.

Centerpath is a philosophy of being and life. A complete roadmap to understanding our world and navigating life’s journey.

Follow this link for a quick overview of Centerpath. Or download this Free Introduction to Centerpath.

The Four Branches of Centerpath

Centerpath, is a philosophical tradition which emphasizes living in harmony through emulating nature and her very creative process. Centerpath denotes the principle that all things are subject to the laws of nature—and in particular its order and harmony generating, creative process. Centerpath teaches that once you realign your life with the wisdom flowing throughout nature and indeed one’s being, you have a chance to restore beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaborative relationships back in your life—just like all other creations in nature.

Centerpath is divided into four primary, overlapping schools of thought.

  • Theoretical — The Center Ordering Principle (also simply referred to as Centerpath) — A family of theorems describing the theoretical basis of Centerpath which is based on Jin’s observations of nature’s structure and creative process. The three main elements of Center Ordering Principle are Centers, Centerpatterns, and Centerevents. The Center Ordering Principle also describes various applications of Centerpath in nature, mankind, science, and art as well as theories on systems theory, the idea of a universal fractal, and models on how speech and the mind work.
  • Metaphyscial  — Heart of the Universe — Jin’s book Heart of the Universe forms the metaphysical basis of Centerpath. Heart of the Universe integrates all of Jin’s ideas in a single 40-page metaphysical treatise spanning how the world is organized (The Center Ordering Principle), how are lives are organized and relate to natures, and how nature’s wisdom can be used to guide our lives and societies.
  • Life Practice — Centerlife — Centerlife outlines a set of life practices designed to realign our lives with nature’s wisdom. Centerlife teaches that through such a realignment, our lives will include more of nature’s qualities of beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaborative-ness. Jin’s three books Heart of Gold, Awaken, and Seven paths to Power are designed to help readers put Centerlife’s principles to work in their lives. Its cornerstone life practice system is referred to as the Seven Pillars of Centerpath.
  • Governance — i-Citizen — i-Citizen is a branch Centerpath (also known as Dual Governance), it is described as a political ideology and form of governance—a way of administering society with an emphasis on national and individual responsibility.

Each branch of Centerpath compliments all others. For instance, the theoretical branch of Centerpath, “The Center Ordering Principle” defines the overall basis of Centerpath, and therefore underlies all of Centerpath’s other branches.

Integrating all of his ideas, Jin’s metaphysical work Heart of the Universe serves as a simple and direct means to access Jin’s ideas from his basic observations up to and including his higher Centerlife and i-Citizen philosophies.

Centerlife and i-citizen highly compliment one another in the same tradition as Taoism and Confucius which largely define the philosophical and governing branches of Chinese thought respectively. In the framework of Centerpath, Centerlife defines its philosophical branch and I-Citizen it governance arm.

Why is Centerpath Important?

Centerpath is exceedingly important because it shows how the patterns of our lives match those of nature, and through recognizing these connections we can uplift it.

Centerpath’s enrichment begins by first developing a deeper understanding of nature and her wisdom. We see the connections uniting all things and how our lives are inextricably linked to her designs. Not only, Centerpath teaches how nature’s creative force builds our lives and how capitalizing on this knowledge we can improve our overall experience.