Follow the Light

Where is the light?

It’s the glowing brilliance at the heart of the universe!
What is it?

Truth, genuineness, and what your heart truly wants.

Find out how to find it—through Centerlife.

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Feeling lost in life’s labyrinth?

All of life’s twists and turns got you confused on which path is best for you?

Are society’s myriad distractions and choices pulling you in too many directions, blurring your focus and distracting you from what’s real and right?

How can you know for sure any longer whether your choice is leading up or down? Are you having trouble finding your way in these troubled times?

However you do not need to worry—the universe has already provided you with everything you’ll ever need to find your way.

It’s just that you may have temporarily forgotten the true nature of the universe and how you fit into her grand designs.It’s gift to you? A pure heart of gold implanted in the bosom of all things, a heart that already knows what to do.

An all-knowing oracle imprinted with God’s wisdom in the heart of each of us, an oracle which already intuitively knows where to turn to navigate through all of life’s circumstances.

However, whenever you are in doubt or temporarily unable to access its infinite well of wisdom, the universe has also provided us with a series of signposts to guide us in the only direction we’ll ever need to take. If you have lost sight of these signposts or forgotten how they appear, you’ll just need to once again recognize them—in nature, they are simply all the beautiful, balanced, and holistically arranged elements of being we experience as oceans, rivers, mountains, trees, and galaxies, all of which are a direct reflection of the ultra-pure source code located at the center of the universe.

The associated reflections of this natural balance and beauty in the human realm are experienced as compassion, goodness, kindness, and love. Once you turn toward them, you can always find your way. A path toward the center of all things which, through their association with the source, also links you to the cradle of being and its associated unlimited goodness and wholesomeness.

It is not much unlike setting your compass towards the North Pole—once you point yourself in the direction of what’s real and right at the heart of the universe, you will always find your way regardless of local detours caused by the terrain, circumstances, and conditions of your life.

Duality and You

Want to learn more about how duality transcends every aspect of nature and life? Read on!

A truly phenomenal attribute of centers is their exploitation of duality. As you might be aware, dualism is the quality of the universe whereby things are accompanied by an equal and complementary opposite: for instance, sun and moon, night and day, waking and rest.

In centers we find that the use of duality to a whole new level of sophistication. Consider the male and female counterparts at the heart of a flower and family, neutrons and protons at the heart of atoms, left and right halves of DNA helixes in the nucleus of cells, the win-lose outcome of two-party elections, and the two hemispheres of our minds at the heart of our central nervous system.

The centers of most events are also peppered with dualistic-like conclusions and outcomes: for instance, wanting yes or no answers, ‘life or death’ situations, and “is it a boy or girl?”. It’s also evident in the twist of a joke’s punch line or a movie where unanticipated outcomes pack the biggest laughs and most lasting impressions. It’s when an equal-and-opposite exchange occurs such as with a handshake, eye contact, swapping business cards, or exchanging money for goods at the checkout counter.

I hope these ideas provide you with great new avenues to explore and contemplate your world and life!

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Man’s Inventions = Nature’s

I enjoy flying mostly for the stunning views of the land and cities from high above. In fact, it is only through flying you can truly experience how much the shape of infrastructure matches nature’s forms.

Keep the following excerpt in mind next time you fly (from my book Encyclopedia Centerpath) if you want to see the eerily similar shapes between nature and what man creates. Enjoy.

As is often the case in life we tend to “miss the big picture” because our view’s obscured by all its ‘close-up’ details. In a real sense, we’re unable to see larger things because we’re too engrossed with its abundant up close ‘parts’. The adage rings especially true when considering society’s large-scale infrastructure because the view from ground level literally prevents us from “seeing the forest through the trees”.

However with the advent of the jet age and the bird’s eye view it affords from 30,000 feet, we earth-based mortals now have the opportunity to figuratively raise our heads above the horizon and witness firsthand the shapes of the larger infrastructures we’ve built. Organic-like structures to be sure, we unwittingly built in nature’s image. So next time you’re jetting down the runway about to break the bonds of the earthbound, pay attention because you’re about to enter the ‘air space’ of the gods and the heavenly view it affords.

Just after liftoff, the first thing coming into view are the downtown’s sky scrapers protruding from the horizon like a sore thumb. We know this agglomeration of towering concrete behemoths marks the city’s center not only because it’s where all highways converge, but also because it’s home to the highest population densities, steepest rental rates, and the seats of various authority and power bases.

Gaining altitude, the arterial nature of the highway system crystallizes. You see driveways flowing into streets and alleyways, roads cascading to avenues and thruways, and thruways merging into highways and later freeways and motorways –just as nature’s creeks flow to brooks which flow to streams and on to ever larger rivers. You next note cars streaming past one another in opposite directions exactly mimicking the dualistic flow of nutrients, waters, and sugars in the branches of arterial trees and indeed, like the arteries and veins coursing through our bodies.

Progressing outward to the edges of the city, you notice the orderly and colorful arrangement of homes connected to the streets of a modern subdivision. It’s interesting to note that; just as leafs of a tree sprout from the smallest twigs; homes are also connected the smallest of roads. Are our homes the leafs of a massive, city-sized tree?

Now at cruising altitude you can see across entire towns, villages, and cites –and see how their organic-like bunching and interconnections mimic the form of neurons in our minds and superclusters of galaxies in space.
As you settle back into your seat to enjoy your refreshment, you begin pondering the meaning of man and nature’s interwoven designs and quite possibly, the significance of our living in harmony with nature’s needs.

Centerlife Pillar #3—Virtuepath

Today we examine Pillar #3 of Centerlife—Virtuepath.

Virtuepath’s focus is to purify our thought centers towards living a purer and more mindful life.

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The following preview also says a lot!

Virtuepath teaches that our thoughts are just as real as anything else in the universe, and like seedlings they take root, sprout, and grow; and that their originating DNA is passed to all things that follow—that is to say our thoughts grow into something permanent and progressively larger.

Virtuepath provides fresh new insights toward developing better quality thoughts toward uplifting and optimizing your life.

Centerlife – Finding Happiness Thru Nature’s Wisdom

I’m pleased to announce the completion of my latest book “Centerlife – Finding Happiness Through Nature’s Wisdom”.

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What is Centerlife? Centerlife is a new life practice emulating nature’s harmony-generating ways. Through teaching how to nurture the various physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual centers of our lives; Centerlife provides a firm foundation from which to build a fulfilling, purposeful, and meaningful life.

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Heartpath (the second of seven pillars)

Discover the importance your relationship with your heart, and how it’s strength largely equates to the health of your emotions and general wellbeing.

Heartpath shows how to reconnect with your heart and use her timeless wisdom to naturally uplift and enhance your emotional wellbeing freeing you up to live life more joyfully and to pursue ever higher plateaus of experience.

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Encyclopedia Centerpath

I just discovered Joomag—a great tool for digital publishing!

I just posted one of my favourite books on their site for free viewing. The book is Encyclopedia Centerpath—a fantastic collection of facts about how the world is organized and structured.

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