1 The Creative Process

The Center Ordering Principle – Nature’s Great Creative Process

The Center Ordering Principle describes the universe’s very, creative force. A grand design, of divine proportions rooted in a delightful dance of centers with their surroundings.

A tireless force wrestling order from chaos, providing us worlds of rapturous order, harmony, and beauty, spanning flowers to galaxies, atoms to universes, and individuals to societies. 

It begins with a first act of creation, a center is born. Such acts of genesis include the formation of a gravitational center which ultimately becomes a planet, a street performer raising his voice to draw the attention of a crowd, a new idea that grows into an entire philosophy, and the originating spark of interest uniting two lovers as one.

After forming, centers turn around, and radiate invisible, force-fields into their surroundings, what we call Centerfields.  In nature, Centerfields are the ‘force-fields’ associated with gravitational, electrical, and magnetic forces. Fields in the realm of human discourse include sight, sound, smell, information, actions, and even love.

But no matter the type of field, the outcome is always similarly the same.  Fields shape their surroundings into a well-shaped form, about the originating center. Causing things, for example electrons, entities, and peoples; to organize about their originating center.

Overtime, arranging groups of parts into larger, center-oriented, creations. All comprised of different compositions and circumstances, yet all sharing the same overall design about a single and uniting center.

The resulting geometries include spheres, radials, spirals, clusters, and branching systems we see streaming throughout nature. Their expressions in nature include seashells, trees and plants, rivers, and solar systems.

It’s what causes scores of animals, and insects, together into flocks and colonies, about shared facial features. It’s also how our institutions, entertainment, groupings, and indeed our lives are organized.

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