2 Centers

This section outlines the properties of centers and highlights why they are the universe’s most powerful objects. Read on or check out this Cool VDO to learn more about centers.

Centers Are…

Centers are the singular and centrally-situated objects residing at the heart of objects, things, entities, and places. They begin where change and fluctuation occur and where energy amasses. Paradoxically, centers are also where the opposite of matter/energy concentrates –i.e. emptiness and the “void” often thrive at centers.

In their idealized form, centers reside at the geometric center of physical objects, like hubs of wheels, fulcrums of seesaws, the bull’s eye of a dartboard, and the nucleus of atoms. Though usually contained within a single point or a relatively small spherical locale, centers can also be distributed along a line as with the spin axis of a rotating body or continuously along the length of an ocean wave.

Centers are at the heart of events across time. They are where events and processes come to an end. They are climaxes and finales.

While difficult to pinpoint their location in the realm of human cognition; centers nevertheless are quite real and indeed form the control centers of our lives. They are also where decisions, urges, meanings, truths, purposes, symbols, answers to riddles, and the crux of problems reside.

Centers can also be spread out across a large volume of space, as is the case with the earth’s atmosphere or newspapers spread across a nation. These so-called “global centers” serve to unify a larger whole around a common condition.

In every case, centers are the location where all the parts of a larger whole point towards, align to, and converge upon.

Centers Are the Universe’s Most Powerful Objects (August 2016)

Centers produce the universe’s most powerful, incredible, and profound entities. Recognizing and appreciating these profound objects not only bringing about a deep sense of fascination and wonder, but also providing real insights into how we might improve our lives.

Centers go about producing their fantastic affects due in most part to the incredible and often mind boggling concentrations of energy and matter they amass. As raw concentrations of energy in nature we see them as massive stars at the heart of solar systems, the incredibly powerful black holes at the center of galaxies, and the powerful eye of hurricanes.

The hearts of atoms possess practically infinite amounts of energy. The nucleus of cells contains the incredible code of life. Atoms are only produced at the center of stars. The effects of black holes at the center of galaxy’s are so powerful–and mysterious, physicists can’t define them within the any known physical theory.

In the human realm of being the most powerful or ‘extreme’ centers are the biggest, tallest, richest, most colorful, most active, loudest, most frantic, and most extraordinary.

Modern society’s institutions were born in city centers. Centers are the tallest or most attractive person in a crowd; where the city buildings are tallest, when people ‘blow-up’ in arguments, and the wild clothing of a rock singer on center stage. Centers are the burning intensity that accompanies love and passion and even often shrouded in secrecy being at the heart of riddles, puzzles, and conspiracy theories.

And the center of your mind includes the universe’s most incredible creation –the conscious thought currently residing in your head.