Life Practice – Centerlife

Centerlife is a spiritual tradition which emphasizes living in accordance with the laws and processes of nature.

Centerlife teaches that through aligning our lives to nature’s harmony generating ways, we can naturally uplift our lives. The benefits we stand to gain include the qualities of beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaboration and of course, happiness and bliss.

Centerlife’s origins reside in the writings of Jin Nua who, following what he describes as a spiritual awakening in 1998, began studying nature in order to better understand the true character of being. Following his theoretical breakthroughs on the character of being (see The Centerpath Papers and Encyclopedia Centerpath), Jin focused more-and-more on Centerpath applications that apply to our lives which is broadly labeled as Centerlife. Centerlife’s concepts are largely included in Jin’s three new age, self-help books entitled Heart of Gold, Awaken, and Seven Paths to Power.

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Centerlife Overview 

Centerlife is based on the simple premise that all of nature’s creations—including our lives, are organized about pure and powerful centers which, through the fields emanating from their surfaces, impart sets of beneficial qualities upon the larger creation forming about them.

These beneficial qualities include the qualities of beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaboration which naturally result from the innerrelational and geometric relationships generated by ‘center-oriented’ shapes of which the most basic output are halo or spherical forms.

The easiest way to visualize how these forms spontaneously generate beneficial qualities is through considering the historical and spiritual significance of halos and spheres. For instance, spheres have long been recognized as the ideal form with their flawlessness, beauty, and perfection. Of course, these qualities lend themselves to the notions of perfection and divinity thus the use of halos in the art of mysticism and religion throughout time.

The preponderance of these forms to generate advantageous qualities extends to creating stable, enduring, and efficient structures as well as fostering holism, unity, and collaboration (see “Heart of Gold” for more details). 

Not only, the fields emanating from the center emit a frequency specific to the center. These fields interact with their surrounding causing things of similar makeup to coalesce, circle about, move inward, connect with, or affix to the originating center. The net result is to create a larger, halo-shaped creation about, and of similar composition to, the originating center. In other words, the developing creation is comprised of the same makeup and character as the originating center. The created indeed reflects the creator. Thus, matter filled stars create matter filled solar systems, charged nucleons organize electrons into atoms, and greedy and selfish people create distorted and unhappy lives.

To optimize nature’s harmony generating process in our lives, Centerlife emphasizes the necessity to instill as much purity and wholesomeness into all the centers of your life. This primarily refers to the beginning points of your life as well as the various physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual centers as reflected by our needs, wants, and desires.

Centerlife in a Nutshell

The Centerpath life practice (“Centerlife”) emphasizes living in harmony with nature through emulating her great creative process. Centerlife teaches that once you realign your life with the wisdom flowing throughout nature and indeed one’s being, you have a chance to restore beauty, symmetry, balance, holism, and collaborative relationships back in your life—just like all other creations in nature.

To this end, Centerlife emphasizes the need to instill as much purity and virtue into all the centers of one’s life which directly translates into a more enriched and wholesome, larger. The centers of our lives Centerlife focuses on are beginning points (originating centers) as well as the various physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual centers as reflected by our needs, wants, and desires.

As starting points in our lives, these centers are the key moments of inception in our lives as thoughts, reactions, interactions, choices, words, and actions. As Jin puts it “little moments of glory planting the seeds for ever more glorious things to follow. Thus, as you go about your life, you can ensure a degree of excellence in all you ultimately create—the strength and quality of your relationships, the impressions and lasting memories you leave on others, your reputation, the character of your children; if you begin all things with great intentions—virtuously and with a golden heart.”

Our need centers include our primal needs such as air, food, shelter, and need for wellbeing as well as our emotional needs for companionship, family, bonding, and love. 

Our want centers include our limitless desires which, while often unessential to our survival (things such as hobbies, trinkets, and new IT gadgets), nevertheless drive large portions of our lives (especially in the age of consumerism).