The Seven Pillars of Centerpath

Centerlife’s practices are included in Jin’s books “Heart of Gold”, “Awaken”, and “Seven Paths to Power”.

To provide Centerlife practitioners with a more of a ritual based system to focus their efforts, Jin developed “The Seven Pillars of Centerpath”. The Seven Pillars of Centerpath describes a series of life practices based on Jin Nua’s Centerlife formulization. Each of the seven pillars describes a set of practices designed to strengthen and enhance the prime centers of an individual’s life and thereby, improve and uplift one’s overall life.

The seven pillars are;


Wellpath shows techniques to uplift and enhance your health, and thereby life through purifying the various physical and emotional centers of your life. Wellpath is based on the idea that all of nature’s centers are powerful and pure and that our goal should be the same. Through a structured approach to placing pure and powerful centers at the center of our life—through developing good eating, breathing; you can establish a strong foundation to build a larger life of wellness. Wellpath is largely based on Jin’s book “Heart of Gold”.


Heartpath extolls the virtues of living your life spontaneously and trusting your intuition. Through sharing, loving, and a life of compassion—i.e. living from the heart, we have a real chance to achieve an enchanted state of being.

Our heart, like all other things in nature is full of good energy and seeks and favors positive, enduring, balanced, and collaborative relationships. Heartpath show techniques to realign your thoughts and feelings with your heart in order to raise the overall condition of your life, those around you, and the universe at large. Heartpath is largely based on Jin’s book “Heart of Gold”.


In order for one to become more aware (and indeed overcome the ignorance of not knowing), Truthpath teaches how the world is organized and structured. The path to this knowledge is through seeking out and understanding the center of all things. Thus, through seeing the common pattern all things share and thereby how all things are interconnected—one can build a wider awareness and increase their knowledge. The path to Truthpath is largely through studying nature as outlined in Jin’s book “Encyclopedia Centerpath”.


Virtuepath emphasizes emulating nature’s propensity to produce pure centers in all of her creations. As our thoughts are beginning points (i.e. centers) we have the capability to improve their quality through a structured approach. This is accomplished by cleansing one’s thoughts by thinking good, proper, and pure thoughts; naturally enhancing one’s overall wellbeing. Virtuepath is largely based on Jin’s book “Heart of Gold”.


Destinypath shows that through doing what you love, you will naturally uncover your destiny. Destinypath emphasizes the need to try a lot of different things but especially following those that you enjoy the most. By following this path, you will naturally get closer and closer to uncovering the hidden treasure your heart secretly desires. Destinypath is largely based on the elements of Jin’s book “Seven Paths to Power”.


Selfpath emphasizes the benefits of reconnecting with your prime center—your soul at the core of your being. Through practicing traditional Eastern techniques of becoming more aware as reflected in Jin’s book “Awaken”, Selfpath outlines practices intended to reconnect with yourself and unleash its’ powerful qualities of creativity, imagination, bliss, and spirituality. Selfpath is largely based on the elements of Jin’s book “Seven Paths to Power”.


Godpath cultivates techniques to get closer to the Great Creator by studying her designs and ways. Only Godpath emphasizes that divinity can only be truly attained by better understanding the mind of God which can only occur through studying the works of God—her many creations and how they are designed to naturally create worlds of harmony. Godpath is largely based on the elements of Jin’s book “Seven Paths to Power”.