Centerpath Seminar at Aquarius Books

Jin hosted a Centerpath seminar last Saturday at Aquarius Books in Kansas City Missouri.

A fantastic crowd of spiritual souls joined in a delightful discussion on how nature raises order and harmony—and how we can put her wisdom to work in our lives.

Thanks to Barbara for the great arrangements and to the crowd for their spirited engagement!

How to Save the World? One Heart at a Time!

So many valiant attempts to save the world and our souls. Doctrines, ideas, manifestos, and heartfelt attempts–all ultimately well-intended but none have fully succeeded.

The reasons are many and therein lies the roots of their failure. They glossed over the simple truth there are higher order things in the universe–and they all spring from nature herself.

Balance, symmetry, purity, holism, and collaborative relationships; are the features of nature. As we derive from nature our disposition is the same–we seek higher planes being. It’s just that we’ve been ‘ruined’ by parts of our psyche that seek to gain advantage without consideration for anything else. In this condition we are bound for failure as greed, selfishness, winning, pride, and ignorance take hold and we increasingly become lost at sea.

i-Citizen seeks to reverse today’s red tide by simply instilling goodness, truth, balance, and holism, and collaborative relations back into the heart and soul of men and the its institutions. Redeeming our souls, and simultaneously saving the planet, one beautiful act at a time.

What is iC?



Centerpath History Made!

Centerpath’s first official seminar occurred last Thursday at the Hive in Bangkok. It was a wonderful evening—and what a fantastic crowd of spiritual seers attended!

We discussed how order, beauty, and harmony arise in nature. We discussed how our lives are patterned in the same way as nature—and how through understanding this connection; we’re able to put nature’s wisdom to good work in our lives.

The Centerpath revolution has begun and is gaining momentum–one heart at a time.

The Shape of the Core

Protons and neutrons are not what you think. They are not simple spherical ‘balls’ as most suspect.

Protons and nucleons are actually comprised of dense cloud of particles (both real and virtual) keyed to a deeply attractive, void-like center perpetuating the swarm as the following passage from Fritjof Capra’s book the Tao of Physics succinctly describes.

“nucleons are, in fact, emitting and absorbing virtual particles all the time. According to field theory, they have to be regarded as centers of continuous activity surrounded by clouds of virtual particles”

And though we tend to associate chaos with the term swarm, the relationships amongst subatomic particles is in fact highly organized and symmetrical. Known as Meson symmetry, the accompanying diagrams depicts the dualistically arranged almost fulcrum-like arrangement of particles about their center.







 It’s interesting to note the Meson Symmetry figure closely resembles Taoism’s I Ching symbol intended to represent the natural order of things which, incredibly enough was developed thousands of years before the tools of science were sophisticated enough to detect the minute details of subatomic particles!

It Takes Two to Tango (from Encyclopedia CP)

one + one = ONE

-Jin Nua

Without knowing it we are participating in the cosmic whole forming dance practically every moment we’re in the company of another. For from the moment we simply share something in common we have created something larger in which we are than only a part –united through the central item we share.

And the centers that unite us are many. They might be a shared proximity or locale, clasped hands, a conversation, friendship, mutual respect, give and take, love, eye contact, and competition or cooperation for a desired objective. They can also be shared meanings, ‘identity’, and common purposes which are especially operative at larger ‘scale’ groupings (we’ll examine more on this later).

But in each case the sharing of common mental and physical ‘spaces’ does the same thing –it merges its participants into a larger single ‘organism’. On the level of two individuals such organisms are commonly referred to as friends, couples, acquaintances, associates, etc. but also strangers who perchance to strike up a simple conversation.

On larger scale groupings it is anytime people circle around the same object such as at concerts, rubber necking toward an accident, reading the same news, and around common rituals and symbols.

One plus one indeed equals one through the dynamic whole forging dynamic of the universe as reflected in the Center Ordering Principle.

The Brawn of Branching

The following is an excerpt from my book “Centerpath Mandalas”. It’s got some pretty cool insights on the nature of being but also how your life fits into nature’s grand mosaic of being. I invite you to check it out.

It’s little surprise Buddha gained his awareness under the Bodi tree. For residing in their the sprawling geometry lie all the necessary clues toward understanding the various mysteries of the universe.

In fact Nature utilizes the wisdom of branching systems having fully capitalized on the robust and efficient form of arterial branching systems in her many natural, biological, and manmade creations. Trees, leaves, lungs, veins, arteries, skeletal systems, roots, rivers, family trees, organizational  charts, parking lots, computer ‘folder based’ directory systems, roads and highways, all fall within the definition of branching arterial systems as the following Merriam Webster Dictionary definition attests “a natural subdivision of a plant stem; especially a secondary shoot or stem (as a bough) arising from a main or center axis”.

Also readily apparent in the form of branching is their dualistic nature –a characteristic dear to the universe. For across the tree’s center reside the dualistic upper branches and the lower. Forming a mirror image across the earth’s surface, these equal opposite counterparts complement one another with roots providing the anchor from which the upper portion can expand into space. The lower half providing the water and raw ingredients necessary for the upper half’s leaves to produce the necessary glucose (sugar) to grow the tree further upward and downward.

Finally through a tree’s seedling we can instantly recognize where all things begin –i.e. centers –and also see how beginning and ends are so intimately tied together. For from the seedling that began at the base of its main trunk, to the end point of its smallest branches where it flowers to produce the next generation seed that again falls to the ground, the cycle of life is perpetuated in the most splendid of ways.

You a Great Tree

See yourself rooted in the ground. Strongly anchored, deeply grounded, and in touch with the world and reality.

Through your veins stream water and nutrients –rivers as great and mighty as the mightiest delivering and distributing the stuff necessary to sustain life to all corners of your body. The various arterial branching systems of bone, nerves, muscle, vein, and artery working together to harmonize your body into a much greater whole that is you.

Now turn heavenward and feel the air and sunlight streaming though and into you. In touch with what is divine and magical you are a sentinel being as light as the ether and as free and free-spirited as the air and heaven above.

Dialogue with the Universe – How to be Happy

Be happy!


Follow Your Heart!


Listen to your inner voice, it has all the wisdom you’ll ever need.


Stop thinking you know everything!


Have faith in your natural intuition versus simply accepting society’s definition of what is important and right.


Slow your life. Walk in nature. Surround yourself with high art. Reflect more.


Get away from your television and I-device. Don’t believe in what you’ve been told. Accept that you don’t know everything and need to open your mind to other possibilities.


Write out your new direction (by hand) on a piece of paper.


Sit down at a table. Get a piece of paper and a pen. Write.


Say to yourself you will make and take the time today.


Read this message again and again until you take action—and take the first step toward being happy.