New Centerpath Book…Seven Paths to Power!

I’m proud to announce the completion of the sixth book of my Centerpath Master Book Series!

Seven Paths to Power is a major milestone in Centerpath. It takes the ideas of Heart of the Gold to the next level—showing how centers stich together all the aspects of our lives including its points of origin, the importance of today and now, how to choose the best paths in life, and how we can get closer to the Great Creator and the divine.

Check out this excerpt to get a feel for the breadth, excitement, and deeply rich insights of Seven Paths to Power!


Centerpath Presentation – Discover the Secrets of the Universe, Life, and Happiness

I’m pleased to announce my upcoming FREE seminar at the Hive on Thursday, 21-Sep-17 at 7 p.m.

If you want to learn more about the universe and life…if you want to put nature’s wisdoms to work in your life…if you want to begin your life afresh…if you want to be happy…than Centerpath is for you.

Through its simple yet wide ranging, Centerpath promises to heal our weary hearts and elevate our experience to higher planes of being. Come join the Centerpath Spiritual Revolution!

See you at The Hive!

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New Kid’s Book – Raindrops


I’m excited to announce the completion of my second children’s book entitled “Raindrops”!

Raindrops is fun and unique. It examines the parallels between the human life cycle and the atmosphere’s water-vapor cycle.

Set against the backdrop of flowing down the river of life, Raindrops examines the changes, delights, and challenges we experience as we traverse life’s wonderful journey.

Like my other kid’s book “A Walk on the Beach”, you can view excerpts of Raindrops at this following link.

Fun stuff!


How to Build a Nuclear Family

There’s deeper meaning to the phrase ‘nuclear family’ than most expect. For not only does the term accurately describe the shape of families—i.e. children circling about their parents, we’re also able to glean a host of additional insights to family dynamics through an atom’s internal relationships.

Take for instance what nucleons at the heart of an atom tell us about the relationship of husband and wife at the core of a family. In this instance ‘man and woman’ come together in powerful bonds of love (whose mighty bond is reflected in the contract and social expectations of marriage), not much unlike the incredible forces that bind protons and neutrons at the center of an atom.

And like the incredible nuclear force that bonds protons and neutrons, the bond of love is very powerful keeping us aligned, yearning, and drawn towards one another. So strong in fact, that breaking the bonds of marriage through a divorce can feel as volatile as the feiry released when atoms are split in a nuclear blast!

Further insights toward bolstering one’s marriage comes from the incredible spatial relationship between neutrons and protons at the core of atoms. Here the nuclear force serves to maintain neutrons and protons at exactly the ‘right’ distance apart—repulsing them if they get too close together and likewise, attracting them if they get too far apart.

This phenomena exactly reflects the sentiments of the lyrics “hold on loosely, but never let go. If you cling too tightly, you’ll lose control” which describes balanced relationships as maintaining just the right ‘distance’. An illuminating atomic parallel for those wishing to keep their relationship in check!

A great example of center dynamics organizing nature and man in the same ways!

It Takes Two to Tango (from Encyclopedia CP)

one + one = ONE

-Jin Nua

Without knowing it we are participating in the cosmic whole forming dance practically every moment we’re in the company of another. For from the moment we simply share something in common we have created something larger in which we are than only a part –united through the central item we share.

And the centers that unite us are many. They might be a shared proximity or locale, clasped hands, a conversation, friendship, mutual respect, give and take, love, eye contact, and competition or cooperation for a desired objective. They can also be shared meanings, ‘identity’, and common purposes which are especially operative at larger ‘scale’ groupings (we’ll examine more on this later).

But in each case the sharing of common mental and physical ‘spaces’ does the same thing –it merges its participants into a larger single ‘organism’. On the level of two individuals such organisms are commonly referred to as friends, couples, acquaintances, associates, etc. but also strangers who perchance to strike up a simple conversation.

On larger scale groupings it is anytime people circle around the same object such as at concerts, rubber necking toward an accident, reading the same news, and around common rituals and symbols.

One plus one indeed equals one through the dynamic whole forging dynamic of the universe as reflected in the Center Ordering Principle.

Encyclopedia Centerpath – Series of Posts

Starting this week I’ll begin posting blogs related to my e-book, Encyclopedia Centerpath. See the first post here!

Each post will examine a different section of Encyclopedia Centerpath. We’ll start with Chapter 5 related to how humans group since it offers some of the neatest examples of how Centerpath relates to our lives.

I think you’ll enjoy Encyclopedia Centerpath and stand to gain a wealth of insight and knowledge. I encourage you ‘take in’ the subjects (approx. one post every two weeks) and share it with family and friends.

Finally—in preparation you may want to check out one of these Centerpath primers to jumpstart your Centerpath knowledge (Free Introduction to Centerpath or this Q&A to Centerpath). However even without an intimate knowledge of Centerpath you can easily follow the various mini-stories. Hope you find something to your liking!

The Brawn of Branching

The following is an excerpt from my book “Centerpath Mandalas”. It’s got some pretty cool insights on the nature of being but also how your life fits into nature’s grand mosaic of being. I invite you to check it out.

It’s little surprise Buddha gained his awareness under the Bodi tree. For residing in their the sprawling geometry lie all the necessary clues toward understanding the various mysteries of the universe.

In fact Nature utilizes the wisdom of branching systems having fully capitalized on the robust and efficient form of arterial branching systems in her many natural, biological, and manmade creations. Trees, leaves, lungs, veins, arteries, skeletal systems, roots, rivers, family trees, organizational  charts, parking lots, computer ‘folder based’ directory systems, roads and highways, all fall within the definition of branching arterial systems as the following Merriam Webster Dictionary definition attests “a natural subdivision of a plant stem; especially a secondary shoot or stem (as a bough) arising from a main or center axis”.

Also readily apparent in the form of branching is their dualistic nature –a characteristic dear to the universe. For across the tree’s center reside the dualistic upper branches and the lower. Forming a mirror image across the earth’s surface, these equal opposite counterparts complement one another with roots providing the anchor from which the upper portion can expand into space. The lower half providing the water and raw ingredients necessary for the upper half’s leaves to produce the necessary glucose (sugar) to grow the tree further upward and downward.

Finally through a tree’s seedling we can instantly recognize where all things begin –i.e. centers –and also see how beginning and ends are so intimately tied together. For from the seedling that began at the base of its main trunk, to the end point of its smallest branches where it flowers to produce the next generation seed that again falls to the ground, the cycle of life is perpetuated in the most splendid of ways.

You a Great Tree

See yourself rooted in the ground. Strongly anchored, deeply grounded, and in touch with the world and reality.

Through your veins stream water and nutrients –rivers as great and mighty as the mightiest delivering and distributing the stuff necessary to sustain life to all corners of your body. The various arterial branching systems of bone, nerves, muscle, vein, and artery working together to harmonize your body into a much greater whole that is you.

Now turn heavenward and feel the air and sunlight streaming though and into you. In touch with what is divine and magical you are a sentinel being as light as the ether and as free and free-spirited as the air and heaven above.