Feeling Grateful to a Great Universe

We should feel grateful. Thankful for the order, harmony, and beauty streaming throughout the universe!
In the brilliant radiance of flowers, rainbows and sunsets, sparkling glaciers, temples, and infinite stars on a moonless night.
In all the billions of miracles occurring simultaneously in our bodies every moment.
In crystals, a mother’s patience, waterfalls, mountain vistas, Van Gogh’s skies, and the bliss in a child’s face.
God’s smile shining brightly through all her lovely creations!
Jin Nua

Find Meaning…Through the Heart of All Things

Everything does have a center—atoms, cells, sentences, societies, and solar systems.

Through understanding this essential quality of being you can learn untold wisdoms, and naturally uplift and enhance your experience of life.
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Unconditional Love

The greatest journey you could ever hope to undertake in this wonderful lifetime is along a path little travelled. It’s not a journey in the sense most expect. It is not the ascension of a mountain or an overseas adventure. But it’s one that can take you to any place you’ve imagined or dreamed about—and possibly deliver you to your destiny.

In fact, the greatest journey any of us can hope to traverse is not to a place on the outside—but instead inward toward your heart and toward rediscovering what it wants.

For in a universe that only wants to create more beauty and harmony—and appears to reward those things of the purest intent—rediscovering what your heart wants and following its true love can bring with it untold delights and treasures, and uncover your reason for being here.

For as you see, love is the purest of all emotions and in its true expression is unconditional. It accepts things as they are and does not try to push things about or unduly change them. Pure love does not distort things.