Living in the Here and Now

A great way to cultivate the experience of living in the HERE AND NOW is to pick up paper and pen, and sketch something in your surroundings. Think about it. What more efficient way to slow down time, and become one with your surroundings than through the practice of sitting quietly, and staring intently at […]

Happy 2018!

To start the new year, a quick reminder of just how important beginnings are. Remember all things return to their source so start all things right! Please enjoy the following excerpt from my book Heart of Gold. It’s a thick/dense read but worth the effort! I hope it helps you to raise your experience in […]

Feeling Grateful to a Great Universe

We should feel grateful. Thankful for the order, harmony, and beauty streaming throughout the universe!   In the brilliant radiance of flowers, rainbows and sunsets, sparkling glaciers, temples, and infinite stars on a moonless night.   In all the billions of miracles occurring simultaneously in our bodies every moment.   In crystals, a mother’s patience, […]

Be the Universe!

How should we live our lives?   Simply emulate the great ‘way’ of the universe—she provides all the fantastic balance, beauty, and harmony streaming throughout nature. There is no better teacher!   Check out this VDO to find out how! 

Centerpath Seminar at Aquarius Books

Jin hosted a Centerpath seminar last Saturday at Aquarius Books in Kansas City Missouri. A fantastic crowd of spiritual souls joined in a delightful discussion on how nature raises order and harmony—and how we can put her wisdom to work in our lives. Thanks to Barbara for the great arrangements and to the crowd for […]