What Will Be Your Big Bang in 2019?

All things begin from small and pure places which ultimately grow into something immense and meaningful. All starts are Big Bangs in their own right. Our colossal-sized universe earned this title when it began from a minute-sized point over 14 billion years ago. It’s the same thing when snowflakes form (which is when a single […]

Be Grateful!

The most appropriate emotion for the holiday season is being grateful. The Gratefulpath excerpt below (from ‘The 30 Ladders of Centerlife’) lists the reasons why we should be grateful as well as practices to foster its feelings in our lives. Check it out below (or at this link: http://centerlife.center/the-30-ladders-of-cenerlife/gratefulpath/) and begin feeling more grateful!————————————————————————– “If […]

Begin Your Centerlife Journey Today!

The cornerstone of Centerlife is Seven Pillars, a life practice based on nature’s harmony-generating wisdom. Use each of the Seven Pillars to strengthen and enhance the prime centers of your life and thereby improve and uplift your overall life. Get started today here!

Introducing Centerlife!

Hello everyone! I’m very pleased to announce the launch of my new website Centerlife (www.centerlife.center)!   Centerlife is the next phase of Centerpath providing the necessary, life-practice system people can use to put nature’s wisdom in their lives!   I can’t tell you how excited I am to complete this essential initiative. Not only is […]

Free Ebook – Heart of the Universe

Check out a free copy of Jin’s audio book, “Heart of the Universe” at this Utube link:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4916WU7fOiA   Discover how nature and life work by journeying to the Heart of the Universe and back.   In the process learn the common thread connecting man, nature, life, society, beauty, truth, ethics, and the divine.