Centerpath Seminar at Aquarius Books

Jin hosted a Centerpath seminar last Saturday at Aquarius Books in Kansas City Missouri. A fantastic crowd of spiritual souls joined in a delightful discussion on how nature raises order and harmony—and how we can put her wisdom to work in our lives. Thanks to Barbara for the great arrangements and to the crowd for […]

Centerpath Seminar in Kansas City

All, I’m pleased to announce my upcoming FREE seminar at Aquarius Book stores on Saturday, 21 October 2017 in Westport (downtown Kansas City, Missouri). The event starts at 11:00 a.m. and will run for approximately one hour. Light snacks will be served. For anyone looking to expand their knowledge, get closer to nature and the […]

How to Save the World? One Heart at a Time!

So many valiant attempts to save the world and our souls. Doctrines, ideas, manifestos, and heartfelt attempts–all ultimately well-intended but none have fully succeeded. The reasons are many and therein lies the roots of their failure. They glossed over the simple truth there are higher order things in the universe–and they all spring from nature herself. […]

Centerpath History Made!

Centerpath’s first official seminar occurred last Thursday at the Hive in Bangkok. It was a wonderful evening—and what a fantastic crowd of spiritual seers attended! We discussed how order, beauty, and harmony arise in nature. We discussed how our lives are patterned in the same way as nature—and how through understanding this connection; we’re able […]

New Kid’s Book – Raindrops

All, I’m excited to announce the completion of my second children’s book entitled “Raindrops”! Raindrops is fun and unique. It examines the parallels between the human life cycle and the atmosphere’s water-vapor cycle. Set against the backdrop of flowing down the river of life, Raindrops examines the changes, delights, and challenges we experience as we […]