3rd Kid’s Book Complete!

I’m pleased to announce the completion of my 3rd children’s book entitled Behind the Door! Behind the Door shows kid’s how to build courage when faced with new challenges. Set to the backdrop of learning to ride a bicycle, Behind the Door shows how new experiences, while challenging always lead to something fun and lead […]

The Heart of the Bible

THE HEART OF THE BIBLE   A key message of Centerpath is all things have a center—atoms, cells, solar systems, societies, and apparently the Bible.   Check out the following wonderful facts related to the structure of the bible and one of its central themes. —————————————————- The Center Psalm – Psalm 118   When measured […]

Centerpath 101 – Centers Unite Larger Things

As Centerpath teaches, an essential function of centers is to unite hosts of ‘things’ into larger, cohesive organizations. This phenomenon is especially evident in large-scale human groupings where a single, central symbol can serve to unite 100’s of millions of people. Nowhere is this more apparent than at the entrance to the Forbidden City at […]

Centerpath Presentation – 3rd Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychology

I was honored to speak at the 3rd Annual Conference on Spirituality and Psychology in Bangkok on 14-Mar-18. My presentation was entitled. “Centerpath, A New Metaphysical Description of Being”. A wide cross-section of international experts in the fields of psychology, psychiatry, holistic medicine, religion, and spiritualism were in attendance. It was rare treat to sit […]

You Can to Anything…if You Try!

We’ve  told ourselves we can’t do it a thousand times!   The reasons are many–I don’t know how, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the natural talent, everything has already been done, there’s nothing new under the sun, etc. etc.   But guess what you can…that is if you try.   Make the […]

Find Out What Centerpath Means to You

Centerpath will mean different things to different people.   To us, Centerpath is an idea. It’s a way of life. It’s a philosophy.   It’s a belief. It’s a revolution in knowledge and spiritualty.   Find out what Centerpath means to you by checking this cool VDO:   http://www.centerpath.org/wonderful-life-videos/

Something Great

Anytime I see something truly great, I’m stirred on several levels.   Whether it be a Van Gogh painting, Walt Whitman poem, Bach or Beethoven symphony, a flower, a person being genuinely kind—true greatness touches something deep down in each of us and reminds us there are higher planes we can ascend to.   One […]