About Jin

Jin’s been ascending higher spiritual planes since his spiritual awakening in 1998. His unique mystical insights; supplemented by his international travel and engineering background, positions him as one of today’s greatest spiritual teachers.

Jin has generated a host of spiritual books based on his remarkable Centerpath formulization including:

  • Awaken
  • Heart of the Universe
  • Heart of Gold
  • Seven Paths to Power
  • Encyclopedia Centerpath
  • The Centerpath Papers
  • Childrens Books (three books are available at this link)

Click here¬†to learn more about Jin’s books.

Jin’s Centerlife formulization has been described as the most comprehensive life practice to emerge since Buddhism. Based on nature’s harmony generating wisdom, Centerlife provides seekers all they need to improve al elements of their life (click here to learn more).

See www.centerpath.org or Jin’s YouTube VDO’s for more details of Jin’s ideas and his phenomenal Centerpath formulization.

Jin resides in Asia. He enjoys art, walks in nature, and producing music.