It Takes Two to Tango (from Encyclopedia CP)

one + one = ONE

-Jin Nua

Without knowing it we are participating in the cosmic whole forming dance practically every moment we’re in the company of another. For from the moment we simply share something in common we have created something larger in which we are than only a part –united through the central item we share.

And the centers that unite us are many. They might be a shared proximity or locale, clasped hands, a conversation, friendship, mutual respect, give and take, love, eye contact, and competition or cooperation for a desired objective. They can also be shared meanings, ‘identity’, and common purposes which are especially operative at larger ‘scale’ groupings (we’ll examine more on this later).

But in each case the sharing of common mental and physical ‘spaces’ does the same thing –it merges its participants into a larger single ‘organism’. On the level of two individuals such organisms are commonly referred to as friends, couples, acquaintances, associates, etc. but also strangers who perchance to strike up a simple conversation.

On larger scale groupings it is anytime people circle around the same object such as at concerts, rubber necking toward an accident, reading the same news, and around common rituals and symbols.

One plus one indeed equals one through the dynamic whole forging dynamic of the universe as reflected in the Center Ordering Principle.

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