Winter Rainbows

For those feeling trapped in winter, revolt! Winter is one of the most beautiful and peaceful times of the year! Get outside!

Below is another golden nugget from a recent interview with Jin on how to enjoy nature in winter.

Question: Living in colder climates can make it especially hard to want to spend time outdoors. What are your suggestions for connecting with nature when it’s 20 degrees outside.

Jin: To connect with nature you need to get outside. Find parks and trails in the city to walk along. Just be sure to dress properly for the cold conditions!

Snowy conditions are actually ideal to build connections with nature.

First off, less people go outside in the winter so you’ll have more quiet time to yourself or with a good friend to view nature’s many marvels of creation.

Also study the new character of the landscape—cold and bleak but yet the bottoming of the next cycle of life—new beginnings spring from the winter. Spend time contemplating how from the stillness and emptiness, comes new things and how that might apply to your life.

Snowy conditions are also the perfect example of seeing heaven on earth. What do most associate with heaven? White, billowy clouds. Perfection and beauty. Stillness and peace. Snow covered hills and trees provide just this feeling. White, puffy snow. The perfection and beauty of sprawling, geometrically balanced tree branches. The quiet and stillness on winter days.

Heaven on earth through wintery days as a window to the heavenly creations all about us.

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